2019 Caulfield Cup Dress Code & Fashion for Ladies

2019 Caulfield Cup Dress Code & Fashion for Ladies

Caulfield Cup Fashion

Men love the Caulfield Cup because they get to watch horses racing. Some even bet on them for a chance to get a little something at the end of the game. Men do not pay much attention to what they will wear, women, on the other hand, enjoy the day since they get to strut in some of their most attractive attires. Well ladies, if you are planning to attend this year’s Caulfield Cup day, here are dress code inspirations that can help you come up with ideas on how to dress for the day and feel comfortable.



The Old Fashioned Cowgirl Look

The cowgirl look is the most cliché attire any woman can pull on such occasions, but it matches the event. And thanks to the ever-changing Caulfield cup fashion trends, you can wear either pants or short denim skirts for this look. Finish off the look with a hat, belt, or flat boots, but stay away from popping lipstick. Instead, use nude shades or deep colours.



Lace it Up

If you’d rather look chick, then find a fitting lace dress to grace the event. Depending on your inclination, you can opt for a plain dress or a fancy one. When choosing the Caulfield Cup outfits, be sure to consider how busy you will be. If you are going to spend most of your day walking up and down the field, then pair your dress with flats. Otherwise, you can rock heeled sandals.



Street Style

Take advantage of unconventional trends such as the street style. In this case, you can pair some wide-legged pants with a fitting collar shirt. A pair of flat or heeled sandals would go well with this look. Top this look with a boater or fedora for a themed finish.



Go Girly

If you are a girly person, the choice of accessories is what matters. Make use of pearls and diamonds if you fall into this group of people. You can accentuate your look with the help of a beaded clutch bag. When it comes to dressing inspirations, use short dresses. Whether it’s snug or flairs, all you need to do is accessorize well. Stay away from skater dresses if you think the day might be windy.




Whether it’s flowers, polka dots, or even stripes, patterns have a way of commanding attention. You can either use bold colours or plain ones. Whatever you choose, be sure to accessorise with contrasting items. You can hold your hair up in a ponytail or bun, or cover it up with a big hat. If your attire is not bold, use a pillbox, but with a short veil.



Wrap Up

There are no restrictions as to what Caulfield outfits you should choose. You only have to ensure that your garment suits your body shape. Play with the colours to come up with a unique item, but try not to look confused. Also, remember that accessories accentuate every look so choose yours wisely. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that it is comfortable because uncomfortable clothes can ruin your whole day. Even so, remember that each event has a few rules that members have to play by. So, take into consideration the Caulfield Cup dress code rules before picking your attire.

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