3 Uncommon Ways to Create Safe and Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

3 Uncommon Ways to Create Safe and Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

These days, many of us don’t have lots of outdoor space. If you live in a city or town of any size, your yard may be pretty small. If outdoor property space is at a premium, you’ll want to take full advantage of what you have. Finding unique ways to exploit your tiny landscape is vital to feeling at home in your little yard. Luckily, this can be accomplished without a whole lot of time and money, maximizing your outdoors’ usefulness, optimizing it for safety, and increasing your curb appeal all in one go. Here are a few methods to think about.

  1. Rubber Chippings for Color, Cultivation, and Safety. There are many companies around the world these days, but none with the colors and quality of Crumbz Rubber, who can provide tiny bits of old tire rubber, sized perfectly for landscaping purposes. Through the above link, you’ll see how many colors and purposes rubber can actually serve. A yard area full of rubber is safe for older adults and children. It can also provide a bright dash of color, unavailable in natural landscapes. It doesn’t need to be watered, and only minimally maintained. It is non-toxic. It can even be used to mulch natural landscaping elements, protecting from heat and and erosion, and keeping in moisture. This latter technique is perhaps the most original; we guarantee no one in your neighborhood will have this look about their flower beds.

  2. Fire Pit/Chimney. Though not permitted within the bounds of just every city, small fire pit/chimneys can be the perfect addition to the right backyard. These compact ceramic or clay fireplaces have an amazing way of bringing atmosphere and purpose to even the tiniest of spaces. Perfect for grilling sausages or just admiring during a cool evening, this is a sure way to become a gathering space, all while being small and safely maintained. Though no fireplace is entirely risk free, a small unit like this can actually be a great way to give children a lesson in fire safety. Locked up tight at the end of the night, or for any length of time you choose, the fireplace will only be active when you are there to supervise.

  3. Lighting. Pathway lighting and other electric lighting elements can be a great addition to your small outdoor space. Properly placed, they can cast a lovely light on your home, or emphasize your most impressive landscaping elements. But outdoor lighting isn’t just about beauty. Outdoor lighting is for safety, providing a well-lit walkway so you don’t stumble in the dark, and keeping your yard well lit at night to make sure no unwanted parties intrude into your space.

Your outdoor space should be your sanctuary. Even if there isn’t much space to go around, there are ways to make your area undeniably your own. Reflective of your priorities and personality, put the time and money into this area, and you’ll enjoy it much more than ever before. So will all of your friends and family.

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