4 Must Know Gift Wrapping Tips To Save Time

4 Must Know Gift Wrapping Tips To Save Time

Shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones can be fun and satisfying. If you have a lot of people on your list, you’d most likely come home with a bagful of special tokens for your family. While you might think that the work is already done, you still have to face the piles of gifts and individually wrap them for each intended recipient you have in mind.

Gift-giving has become a traditional way of showing gratitude, celebrating a milestone, and even expressing a sincere apology. Before you hand in your present, it should also be professionally wrapped to impress the person you hold dear to your heart.


The Essence Of Gift Wrapping

Preparing for Christmas holidays. Female hands wrapping gift box, top view

It’s said that beautiful wrapping is the finishing touch that makes the gift more special. Putting much thought into how you’ll present your gift shows how much the recipient means to you.


For some people, they’d go out of their way to create personalized packaging to make it more unique. Packaging World and other similar businesses offer this kind of service to their clients.


Efficient Gift Wrapping Tips


Nonetheless, if you opt to do gift wrapping on your own, make sure to arm yourself with the right tools and tips to keep the task less overwhelming. 


Are you ready to refine your gift wrapping skills? Below are some efficient tips you can check out.



  • Make Use Of Boxes


Instead of purchasing new paper wrappers, go for boxes. Putting your gift items inside a box will surely save you time and energy of having to go through the wrapping process. 

For instance, you can simply place the tweed jacket gift you bought in a presentable box, tie a colored and festive ribbon, and you’re all good to go. For some reason, gifts almost always look presentable when they’re tied in a ribbon.

Alternatively, if you don’t have plain boxes, you can make use of your fresh shoe boxes and wrap them with aesthetically pleasing wrapping paper. In this way, you can eliminate the number of boxes in your living space by reusing them instead of throwing them out. 


  • Be Prepared With Your Materials


If you want to use the remaining wrapping paper you’ve had since the last holiday, you can definitely do so. On the other hand, if you’re buying new ones, a tip is to go for one color. In this way, you wouldn’t have to rush to the nearest shop if ever you’ve run out of paper.

Go for quality materials to make sure that they’ll be able to hold the wrapping paper properly. For instance, look for tape that helps you wrap and secure the gift seamlessly. Get a pair of high-quality scissors to avoid tattered edges and messy trims.  

Being prepared allows you to save energy, focus on your work, and stay productive with your gift-wrapping task. All these can surely help you get all the work done right before you start sending your presents.


  • Designate A Work Station


To keep your work efficient, make sure to assign and organize an area dedicated to wrapping presents. In this way, the needed materials are ready in one corner. 

Choose a spot that’s comfortable and clean. Clutter would pile up as you cut the wrapping paper and ribbons. Hence, make sure to work in an appropriate area where you can freely make a mess while you work in your home office or in your room. 


  • Opt For Paper Bags



During holiday shopping, some businesses offer special paper bags when you buy something from their shop. Considering this, why not reuse these to store your gifts?

Paper bags are durable and perfect for bulky items.  Similar to boxes, you don’t need to run to the nearest store if you run out of wrapping paper. These impressive paper bags can also be rep

Nonetheless, if you only have plain paper bags, you can spruce them up to make them stylish and visually interesting. Let your creativity lead you. For instance, you can paste a few holiday stickers, star origami, and washi tapes. 

You can even create your own paper bag using wrapping paper. While gift wrapping can be a serious business for some, you can choose to loosen up, be creative, and have fun. You can check out an array of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) craft ideas online. 

Additionally, you can simply purchase your own aesthetic, holiday paper bags in nearby stores. These are typically affordable and available in an array of designs, depending on your preferences. Groceries even have this near the checkout aisle.



If you’re short on time, finding yourself tangled in ribbons, papers, and tapes can be frustrating. Gladly, even if gift wrapping isn’t your strong suit, there are ways to make your life easier. By following the time-saving tips above, you can make the entire gift wrapping experience hassle-free.  


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