4 reasons to book a dance studio in 2021

4 reasons to book a dance studio in 2021

Like many other mediums within media, arts and culture broadly speaking, dance and the performing arts have suffered badly at the hands of COVID-19. The pandemic has caused irreparable damage since its arrival in 2020, with many nations choosing to restrict venues, studios, clubs, bars, theatres and restaurants during periods of lockdown.

Fortunately, there are still a number of dance studios that have been able to remain active whilst adhering to strict government measures and best-practice guidelines regarding cleanliness and social distancing. Here are our four favourite reasons to book a dance studio in 2021.


  1. Social togetherness


Movement of any kind with others is proven to promote mental and physical wellbeing. As Zoom culture has become omnipresent in everyday life, now more than ever person-to-person interaction — socially distanced, of course — is becoming more and more important. As Rachel and Micah, two dance ambassadors for Pirate.com based in London, put it, “There was something about both our vibes which meant we just wanted to dance near each other in the studio.” Read more about their routine and experiences here.


  1. Space for everyone


Most dance studios have been specifically designed to be large enough to accommodate entire dance classes comfortably. So even if you are coming with a large group, there’ll usually be plenty of room to maneuver. Make sure to check dance room capacity with the dance studio staff in advance just to be sure, especially if you are organising a group session.


  1. Professional equipment


Although dance and the performing arts are considered to be practices that do not have a high barrier to entry for newcomers, there are certain pieces of equipment and structural design features of dance studios that make practice smoother and safer for everyone involved.


Pirate.com’s dance studios, for instance, are kitted out with Harlequin sprung flooring, a room-length mirror, a freestanding ballet barre, a top-of-the-range multimedia sound system and a changing area to ensure that you can not only make the most of your dance session but also keep the risk of injury to a minimum.


  1. Fit for multipurpose


Dancing not your thing? Good news: dance studios can be used for much more besides. If you are a teacher, learner, or mover in any field that requires physical activity – boxing, karate, yoga, pilates, and the like – then these London dance studios may very well be perfect for your next session.

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