4 Valuable Lessons Mom can Teach their Kids This Summer

4 Valuable Lessons Mom can Teach their Kids This Summer

For many families, COVID-19 has disrupted the normal rhythm of life. Indeed, many children haven’t attended school for months, and many more might not head back to a physical classroom for the foreseeable future. As such, parents now have to take extra steps to ensure their children receive the education and support they need. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Today we’ll share four valuable lessons that moms should strive to teach their kids over the summer. Trust us, you’ll want to keep this list handy:

Money Management

One could argue that it’s never too early to start teaching children about responsible spending and the value of a dollar. Indeed, it’s amazing how many people enter adulthood without a clear understanding of how credit scores work, how to apply for a loan, or simply how to file their taxes correctly. Of course, you can make these rather dry activities more enjoyable by showing your kids real-world applications and benefits to being financially savvy.


A huge aspect of traditional academics consists of individual tests and achievements. Yet, in the “real world” it’s often necessary to get along with others and to work together to achieve common goals. Given that fact, parents should involve their kids in activities that promote collaboration with others –– be that familiar people like siblings or friends, or complete strangers. Youth sports, for instance, can be a fantastic teaching tool if used correctly.

Importance of Health

It can be very difficult to get kids to appreciate just how meaningful a clean bill of health really is. True, teaching kids how to make healthy meals on their own or encouraging them to exercise can help them establish healthy habits early in life. Still, there’s no substitute for the regular annual checkup to properly educate a child about health and wellness. Doctors may use unfamiliar equipment, like 50 ml Serological Pipettes, but they can ultimately help parents drive home important health tips for their kids.

Love of Learning

“Forcing” a child to read a chapter in a book or to complete a set of math problems isn’t likely to impart much valuable information. In truth, education is just as much about instilling a love of knowledge and learning, as it is handing down useful facts. The bad news is that there is no uniform method for helping a child realize their passion for a subject. Rather, parents should first determine what their kids enjoy doing most. Maybe they already love hearing and telling stories, or solving puzzles, or working with their hands. Parents should use their children’s interests to promote education and encourage them to pursue new ventures. Investing in books, model sets, interactive games, or TV subscriptions can help foster their love of learning too. At the end of the day, though, participating in the educational process with them will make the biggest positive impact. Doing so can boost your own self esteem as much as your child’s!



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