5 Fashion Tips to Look More Feminine

5 Fashion Tips to Look More Feminine

There are many ways to add a touch of femininity to your wardrobe by softening your style to create outfits that bring out the woman within. Feminine fashion does not fit into a narrow category, but instead encompasses clothing styles that allow you to express a freer and more flattering side to your personality as well as your figure.

Perhaps you spend most of your week in a stifling suit or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and are feeling the urge to experiment with more ladylike textures, designs and fabrics. In this article, we will look at ways you can dress with style and comfort while embracing your femininity.

Choose Well-Fitting Clothes

Dressing more femininely involves wearing clothes that fit your body well without being overly tight or restrictive. Knowing your body shape can allow you to choose designs that flatter your figure while cultivating a sense of class and sophistication.

Choose fabrics that modestly accentuate your feminine silhouette, such as these dresses from Dainty Jewells, and take note of the outfits in which you receive the most compliments from others. Perhaps your hourglass figure lends itself well to  dresses with cinched waists or peplum blouses that showcase your curves, or maybe your long legs look their best in slim-fitting pants and knee-high boots.

No matter your body type, you can make the most of what Mother Nature gave you by dressing according to your physique. This will help you curate outfits that fit well, hugging your body correctly to create a look that makes you feel stylish and confident.

Choose Softer Fabrics

This is one of the simplest ways you can dress more femininely. Loose-fitting and free-flowing fabrics come in many different styles and textures such as cotton, silk, linen, chiffon, lace, satin and velvet. Some of these appeal visually, gracefully enhancing your movements while others appeal to the sense of touch.

Maxi dresses are a wonderful example of such garments that allow for freedom of movement and comfortability. With a selection of different colors, patterns and designs these dresses come in soft fabrics that can instantly bring out your femininity and add beauty and elegance to your look.

Their versatile nature also allows them to be worn, as they are or accessorized with a few pieces of jewelry to elevate your appearance for an evening out or for some other glamorous occasion.

Be Bold

Most people experience a fashion rut from time to time where they are wearing the same clothes and opting for the same colors or designs. Incorporating new colors, patterns and design themes into your outfits is a great way to cultivate your feminine style. This could be anything from wearing a bright flower in your hair, or adding a pop of color to your lips or your feet with a statement pair of shoes that bring a somber ensemble to life.

If you feel called, express your femininity through patterns such as floral prints or polka dots which you can wear as a dress or skirt. If this feels too much opt for subtle hints in items such as your hair ribbon, belt or scarf.

When it comes to parties or nights out, consider a metallic shimmer or sequin-pleated maxi skirt to capture an effortlessly stylish yet feminine look. Extend your newfound boldness to accessories such as your jewelry and handbags, by selecting a studded evening bag or oversized cocktail ring which can instantly elevate any outfit.

Wear a Perfume

Consider adding a signature scent to match the occasion or time of year. Applying a feminine fragrance to your skin is one of the most effective ways to bring out this aspect of your nature. Feminine scents are typically floral, fruity or aromatic and tend to be on the sweeter side when compared to more masculine perfume notes. Lightly spray on a fruity or floral fragrance before you leave the house to give you a feeling of femininity and confidence.

Experiment With Hairstyles

Soft flowing curls and loose waves are typically associated with feminine hairstyles. Whether you like to wear your hair down or tied back there are many ways to achieve a softer, more feminine feel to your appearance through your choice of hairstyle.

From chignons to french braids and  low buns to pony tails, try styling your natural hair in different and more feminine ways or consider adding hair extensions to add some extra length and volume to your locks.

Most importantly, make sure your hair is well looked after by brushing it daily with a good quality hair brush, nourishing it with a good conditioner and making sure you eat a healthy balanced diet that provides your hair with the essential nutrients that it needs to be strong and healthy.

Follow the tips in this article to help you dress in a more feminine manner.


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