5 New Skills That Can Lead to New Opportunities

5 New Skills That Can Lead to New Opportunities

If the thought of learning anything else new after achieving a college degree makes you groan, you are not alone. After all, why did you go to college in the first place? Most people choose to go to college so that they do not have to go to school anymore after they have earned a degree and get a good-paying job.


However, there are times in your life where your skills and specific aspects of your degree will prove to be outdated. This eventuality is very real where business and technology experience is concerned. In these cases, it is practically a requirement that you learn something new.


Thankfully, the following tutorials and certification courses online make this process as easy as possible:


Computer Coding


Coding is one skill that almost certainly has to be updated every couple of years. Since coding for computer operating systems and applications quickly becomes outdated with each new computer or laptop model, you have to relearn how the new coding works. Relearning coding, however, doesn’t have to be tiresome or boring. There are even Disney code learning tutorials online. The Disney code learning tutorials make the process fun and easy to learn.


Learning Another Language


Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the United States today. Employers are continually looking for employees and hiring candidates who can speak enough Spanish fluently to interact with Spanish-speaking customers and clients. Other languages to consider learning are Mandarin Chinese, French, Russian, German, and Japanese, all of which are languages spoken by ambassadors of various countries and the primary languages spoken in the United Nations. You can quickly learn a new language in your spare time with several language applications on your phone or tablet.


Management Skills


The quickest way up the office food chain is to have management skills, training, and certification. You can either obtain the skills and training through a certification program or stealthily earn a Master’s in business management at night and on the weekends. Multiple management programs are all available online, too.


Accounting/Billing and Coding


Companies need to keep track of the bottom line continually. To do that, they need to hire people with accounting skills, billing and coding education, and training, or money management skills. Most of these programs accomplish similar tasks, but it’s up to the employer to determine if a candidate fits the job description based on the training, education, and skills he/she has listed on his/her resume. Your best bet? Acquire the training and education in all of the above to make you an undeniable fit for just about any job that needs money tracking.


Marketing or Advertising


Every company has to market and advertise. If they didn’t, there would be no way for them to draw in clients or customers and make money. There are online certification programs from six months to four years that would give you the skills you need to get a leg up in your employer’s company in this particular department.


Some people find that marketing and advertising are enjoyable career options when shifting gears from one career to another. If you already have a business degree, the few extra classes or hours you put into this training can help. Again, you can complete it as fast or as slow as you want in the free time you have available to you.


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