5 Reasons You Have To Take A Girls Trip

5 Reasons You Have To Take A Girls Trip

Traveling is always fun, but there’s something special about traveling with just the girls. You get to plan for all the cheesy things without hearing a single complaint. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, a road trip to Florida, or a staycation in the next town; you know that it’s going to be a fun and memorable trip for the books.

A getaway trip with your girlfriends means staying up late gabbing over wine, mornings filled with champagne or mimosas, and at least one night dancing the night away. So there’s no doubt that your suitcase will be filled with items you’d never take when traveling with your boyfriend, husband, or solo – matching pajamas, custom-made shirts, and sheet masks for a spa day.

Sure, you’ll have unforgettable memories, great laughs, and something to talk about for years to come. But there’s something even better that happens, and it will change your relationships and outlook. 

It’s been proven that women who take time for themselves are more creative and productive than those that don’t. But that’s not all it will do for you. Here are some of the most important reasons why every girl needs to plan a yearly trip for just the girls.

The Freedom To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
It’s as though there’s some type of energy that surrounds a group of girls. Suddenly you’re being pulled out of your shell, and you’re trying new things and seeing things in a whole new light. This is exactly what you needed. You’ll learn some things about yourself you never knew, find interest in things you never thought of, and your life will forever be changed because of it.  This can only happen when you get out of your environment and feel safe enough to open up.

A Sense Of Security To Be Completely Honest
When you have a safe place to speak about your deepest feelings, it doesn’t only help you to grow, but it brings you closer. There’s something amazing about feeling safe enough to discuss things that you’re embarrassed about, and having a group of women that allow you to speak what’s on your mind without judgment is the best form of therapy.

Strengthening Your Friendship
It may seem as though you’re already so close, and it’s impossible for you to become even closer, but a girls trip is going to open up situations, conversations and you’ll grow closer because of them.  You spend quality time without the interruptions of little ones, work interruptions, and demands of normal everyday life. When you’re free from those obligations, even for just a few days, you finish those conversations; you remember the things you had to share and freely discuss everything and anything. It’s impossible to do this over lunches or dinners, but on weekend getaways, you’re able to go deeper into conversations that will build on your foundation and grow your friendship.

You’re Free To Be Who You Are
Magic happens in your soul when you have a sense of freedom, and it might just be one of the most important reasons to have a girl’s trip. You’re a mother, a wife, and an employee. These things put you in constant demand to be anything other than who you are. And you become lost in those titles. When we forget who we are, we become stressed. Taking a trip with just the girls will help you to remember who you are as a person outside of being a mother and a wife because there are no distractions.

It’s All In The Name Of Science
That’s right; it’s been proven that spending time with friends will boost your body’s natural production of a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the happy hormone. It’s the perfect cure for all of those anxious feelings you’ve been having or battling that depression. There’s no doubt that you’ll come home from your girl’s getaway feeling happier, empathetic, and trusting.

Start planning something fun, knock off some trips from your bucket list and enjoy the many amazing benefits of spending quality time with the girls. And it’s the perfect excuse to buy some new trendy tops to fill your suitcase with.  

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