6 design mistakes that you should avoid making when it comes to home decor

6 design mistakes that you should avoid making when it comes to home decor

There’s nothing more exciting than moving house and the opportunity it presents for an interior design makeover. Whether you’re building up a Pinterest board to inspire your new home or simply going shopping to pick up some new bits, it’s an exciting process.


Regardless, there are plenty of mistakes that should be avoided when you decide to redecorate and we’ve listed these below.


  • Don’t buy a bright coloured bed

If you’re avoiding a brightly coloured room then simple, don’t buy a bright coloured bed. One of the biggest design mistakes comes straight from the bedroom – try to avoid getting a bright orange bed if you don’t want to mirror that style throughout your home. Not only is it difficult to style, but if you decide to sell it down the line, you may struggle. Instead of opting for something unusual head over to a bed specialist like Divan Bed Centre and find yourself a classic, long-lasting frame. That way, even if you do decide to change styles, your bed will fit the interior.


  • Don’t follow new trends too much

It might be incredibly tempting to follow the latest trends on Pinterest or what you see in Vogue Home, but it’s a big mistake that far too many people make. Decor Aid explained how one of the most common mistakes people make is falling victim to new trends. They’re great for inspiration, but considering trends are always changing it’s not worth kitting your home out with a complete new trend. The safest way to do it is to buy a handful of timeless pieces and decor that fits your personal style and taste.


  • More is less

It’s important to remember when you’re decorating your home that buying lots of random bits and pieces isn’t essential for your home. Be careful not to buy too many items for your home, or you’ll end up throwing them away earlier than expected or find no use for them whatsoever. If you do decide to keep everything on display, you’ll end up clogging your home and making it look messy – minimalism is key.


  • Test the colour!

Never paint a room without testing the colour on the wall first. HomeDIT urges people to avoid painting without testing the colour at all costs. Looking at something in a pot is completely different to how it looks when it’s on your wall. A full pot of paint can be expensive, so it’s worth buying a small pot to test it before putting the full thing on your wall.


  • Don’t be a hoarder

When you’re transforming your home, you need to bin all items that you never use. There is no point in keeping a bright orange sofa in the living room when the rest of the things you own are grey. If it’ll look out of place, ditch it – don’t keep it for the sake of it.


  • Avoid contrasting colours

Just because it’s your favourite colour, it doesn’t mean it should take over your home. It’s best to have one main neutral shade mixed with splashes of bright colours. For example, grey and yellow, or cream and orange, not a mixture of lots of bright colours but enough to please the eye.

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