6 Ways to Get Creative and Have Fun When You’re Pregnant

6 Ways to Get Creative and Have Fun When You’re Pregnant

Growing a human is no easy or relaxing feat. Not only is your body changing in drastic ways, but your whole life is about to be turned upside down with the addition of a new family member. 


Instead of spending a full 40 weeks being a complete ball of stress, try some of these ways to have a little fun with your pregnancy and your increasing baby bump. 


Take a weekly bump picture


Mark these weekly pictures on your calendar to remember to take them. The weekly bump picture is a fun way to see how your body is changing from week to week and how quickly the baby is growing. You can opt to take them in the same spot with the same outfit each week, or change it up with different locations and clothes. 


Once your infant arrives, you will be a bit shocked at how large you were while your baby was developing. The way your body was able to grow and expand can suddenly seem unreal!


Watch comedies related to pregnancy


Need a good laugh? Not only is laughter good for your soul and improves your overall mood, but your baby is going to love hearing those giggles. 


Watch some stand-up comedy from Amy Schumer or Ali Wong as they get real honest about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and birth. You will be nodding in agreement throughout their jokes. 


A few movies to bring a little laughter to your pregnancy include Knocked Up, Look Who’s Talking, and Baby Mama


Plan your gender reveal


There is nothing like taking your mind off all the stress of a new baby than planning a party. A perfect one to plan right now is a gender reveal! 


You can use the Chinese gender predictor to aid in your guessing. Working with Chinese astrology, this 700-year-old gender predictor converts a woman’s birth date to her lunar age. Then it converts the date of conception to the lunar date of conception to determine boy or girl. 


Then, grab a gender reveal smoke cannon for the big moment of your party. These smoke cannons create such beautiful photos you are sure to cherish. 


Find new ways to relax


This is the perfect time to try a new relaxation method. For instance, try regular meditation; there are many apps you can download to help guide you through some quiet time. 


You could also take a bath using all the extras. Think items like bath bombs, bubbles, aromatherapy candles, and soft music. Go all out for full splurge relaxation. 


Schedule a prenatal massage for a few weeks before the baby is due. Your body is going to be growing at an alarming rate by this point, and having a professional work on those sore spots will feel so incredibly good. While you are there, make sure to schedule a postpartum massage because you are going to want it so desperately after the birth and spending all that time cuddling your little one. 


Stay active


Keeping your body moving, even when it is the last thing you want to do, can be instrumental in regulating your mood. Physical activity is linked to an easier birth and a healthier baby. 


If you are not already following a fitness routine, start with some simple daily walks to get in some fresh air. As you slow down later in your pregnancy, opt for low-impact activities like swimming. Just be sure to consult your doctor about the type of movement that is best for you and this particular pregnancy. 


Paint your belly


Why not go a little outside the box and paint your belly? Pick up some body paint (or washable paints if you are on a tight budget) and use your round belly as a canvas. Try painting things on it like watermelons, pumpkins, bows, or growing plants. There are so many creative options!


Pregnancy is a stressful time for so many reasons, and there is no doubt you are going to be worrying every step of the way. Try a few of these strategies to make this pregnancy experience more fun and relaxing. 

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