7 Fun Things to Do as a Couple to Keep Things Interesting

7 Fun Things to Do as a Couple to Keep Things Interesting

It is very easy to let our relationships slip, especially when you consider how busy most people are. Letting things slip can lead to boredom and a loss of intimacy, and this is why it is so important that couples find a few things to do together to keep things interesting. Here are a few fun activities that can help strengthen your relationship and keep things moving along nicely.


When most people think about traveling, they think of flying outside the country to an exotic destination. Not only is that quite expensive but many couples do not have the time or opportunity to be away from the country for a few days.

To keep things easy, try to get away for a night, a weekend, or a long weekend. You can pack a suitcase and book a room at the nearest hotel. Doing so helps remove you from your normal routine and helps you get some time to spend with your partner. If money is tight, you can always book an Airbnb one or a few towns over and travel there instead.

Go to a Park

Camping might not be your thing, so the next best thing is visiting a park. Spending some time outdoors can help you bond afresh and create great memories together. You can pack up and head to the nearest state park. You can then dine in the woods or go for a hike.

If camping is your thing, pitch a tent and watch the stars together.

Redecorate Together

It is likely you have lived in your home for a few years and have gotten used to how things are. However, you can give both your relationship and home a makeover by redecorating together. You could pick a room that needs some love or choose to decorate the whole house.

Remember that this type of decoration is not about professional-level decoration; it is an opportunity to spend time with your partner doing something beneficial. You could even rethink how you use some rooms to give them a new purpose and decorate them according to that purpose together.

Riding Together

Exercising is a fun way to spend time as a couple but riding together is an even better form of exercise for both of you. Riding together increases the intimacy of a relationship because you spend a lot of time together, and it also allows you to explore other parts of your city or country that you would not see otherwise. It also gives you something in common to conquer together, whether it is a new trial or a time record.

Riding with a significant other can be difficult, especially when you do not ride at the same pace or have vastly different schedules. Velosurance has put together a detailed guide on how to ride with your significant other to help couples out. Their guide on how to ride with your significant other explains how to plan, what to do when riding together, and so much more. They also provide bike insurance that covers theft, loss, and damage to your bike. Their comprehensive insurance options also allow you to add medical bill coverage and liability protection. They also provide electric bike coverage.

Plan a Game Night

Planning a game night is very easy since all you have to do is purchase the games you will be playing. It can be a bi-weekly or monthly arrangement where you spend a few hours competing against each other in various games. You can create a relaxed environment by providing good food and playing your favorite music in the background.

Turn your phones on and start with games you both love or have played before for the first few sessions to get the most out of a game night. You can then choose new games as this will present an opportunity to learn something new.


Surprises are very common during the dating phase and when a relationship is still new. However, many couples stop surprising their loved ones once they are in a relationship. Surprises help capture and bring back the magic of a new relationship.

A gift or something your partner has wanted for a long time is a good surprise. Taking them out or traveling to a new place is also a great surprise for those who love traveling.

Watch TV or a Movie Together

Sometimes you only need to feel close to your loved one while keeping things simple. Watching TV or a movie is the simplest way to spend time together. Ensure you put the phones away and actually be present in the moment. The good news is that there are countless TV shows and movies you can choose from.

Spending time with your loved one can be a great way of rekindling the relationship. Try to find activities you can both enjoy. Doing this will help keep things exciting, which is the best way to keep love alive and make it deeper and stronger over time.

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