7 Ways to Help Prepare for Your Return to Work

7 Ways to Help Prepare for Your Return to Work

It’s been a little more than a year since most people left their office jobs one weekend and never came back. The world has changed quite a bit because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the shift from office to remote work was probably the most shocking and long-standing change. While most people are still working remotely a whole year later, many employers are starting to welcome their people back into the office.


Whether you are excited to get back to normal life and see your coworkers or you are dreading having to commute into the office and get dressed every day, the time has come. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about going back into the office for many reasons. For one, we are still currently experiencing a pandemic and change is hard. Plus, there are many things to love about working remotely like the added flexibility, relaxed wardrobe and no commuting.


So, if you’re dreading the voyage back into the office, we have some good news! We have created a guide that will help you prepare for your return to work. From curating a new plus size business casual wardrobe to making your office feel more like home, these techniques will have you feeling ready to take on any challenge. And this guide will help to show you just how you can infuse your new in-office work routine with some of the things you loved about working from home.


  1. Have a Chat with Your Boss About Expectations

Your company probably has a plan to bring back everyone in phases. Whether your company has been transparent about this or you have been left in the dark, it can be a good idea to set up a chat with your boss beforehand. During this chat, you can ask more about how the company plans to handle having employees back in the office, as well as address any questions you may have about safety protocols and procedures.


You can also take this time to ask for flexibility. If you enjoyed working from home and noticed that your work ethic didn’t suffer, ask your boss if you can work one or two days remotely. You can also ask for a new work schedule that might work better for your lifestyle, such as a 7-to-3 period rather than a 9-to-5.


  1. Get a New Work Wardrobe

We have been living in sweatpants for a whole year, which means your work wardrobe probably needs some updating. What’s great about shopping for new plus size women’s clothing for work is that you will have a new wardrobe that makes you feel excited about getting up every morning and getting dressed. Clothing also plays a big role in workplace confidence. So if you want to make an impression and pump yourself up for work, a new wardrobe needs to be in your future!

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  1. Plan to Bring Your Home Routines into the Office

Your day-to-day work routine probably changed a lot as you started to work from home, but it could be a good idea to incorporate some of your daily rituals into your office life.

For example, if you did yoga during your lunch hour at home, see if you can join a gym close by or participate in a solo yoga session in the park. You may have also been able to enjoy your coffee in the morning while working from home instead of having to rush out the door. When you get to the office, make time for you to enjoy a cup of coffee or indulge in your go-to Starbucks order. If you enjoyed home-cooked meals while in quarantine, you can always prep exciting lunches the night before to bring into work so that you still have something delicious to look forward to mid-day.


  1. Clean Your Laptop and Organize Your Desktop

Working remotely could interfere with your organization and cleanliness skills since you don’t have to be forward-facing all time. And that’s why we think everyone could benefit from gently cleaning their laptop before heading into the office. Dust off any crumbs or stains and make sure your desktop is organized while you’re at it. The last thing you want to do is share your screen in a meeting with a cluttered desktop. Polishing up your laptop will help you get ready for a successful voyage back into the office.


  1. Develop a Mantra

There is no doubt that heading back into the office may be a little nerve-wracking. We mean, we haven’t really seen or interacted with our coworkers in a long time. So if you find yourself feeling nervous — whether it’s about your skillset or your appearance — try infusing some self-love into your life through mantras.


If you’re struggling with confidence, look into the body positivity movement and learn about what it means to accept yourself as you are. You can build mantras and positive affirmations around your learnings that you can say before you head into the office or your next meeting. We love this go-to mantra: “I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am creative.”

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  1. Plan to Decorate Your Office Space

Does your office space at work excite you or make you feel at home? If not, maybe you should spend some time beautifying the space so that you look forward to spending time at work. You can always add in elements that make you feel like you are at home like a comfortable chair, a yoga ball, a coffee machine or an essential oils diffuser. Making space feel more like home can help you settle back into the office with ease.


  1. Fill Your Commute with Things You Enjoy

What did you do to fill your free time while you work from home? Did you listen to music or a podcast, read a book or scroll through TikTok? Well, instead of thinking about your commute as time wasted, think of it as a certain amount of time you can dedicate to finishing that next chapter, catching up on the new episode or listening to your favorite podcast. When you view your commute as a time that’s solely dedicated to doing whatever you want, it becomes more enjoyable!


We hope that your experience of going back into the office goes well! Remember to weave in your at-home work routine with your office life to achieve a balance that makes you feel good!

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