AMFund – Why is it Important to Help Those in Need

AMFund – Why is it Important to Help Those in Need

The actions of humans has the ability to warm your heart and fill you with hope and joy at times, at other times they can make filled with dread and loathing. It is for this reason why I have been working for many years with AMFund, a fundraising group who do some amazing work for this work we live in. I joined this company because I remember what it was like to be a child, an innocent child who wants to help whenever they see and issue or someone with a problem. Sadly many men and women grew up and lost this attribute, and that is why those of us who didn’t lose it have to mobilize and help.


We all have things on our plate and busy lives to lead, but if you are able to help those in need then you absolutely should, and here is why it is so important.




Generally speaking we have it pretty good here in the UK, we have free healthcare, we have a government which supports us if we are out of work or if we are elderly. It is important that we understand that not everyone has the opportunities that we were born with, and that many people around the world are genuinely suffering, through no fault of their own. Just because we won the geographical lottery does not mean that we shouldn’t do our bit, we must help the helpless and repay the fortune which we have had.




The erosion of the community is one of the real social disasters of our time, no longer can people trust their neighbors, no longer do people come together for important projects and no longer do enough people lift up those who are struggling. The phrase ‘charity starts at home’ is very important because those who say it believe that they are talking about their own 4 walls, this isn’t the case. Charity starting at home is about your local environment and your community. If you help those in need in your immediate community then you will be helping both them and the community on the whole. The more we help, the tighter the community gets, and that is best for all involved.


Offsetting the Balance


Unfortunately the world works in such a way that some people ruin things and other people fix things. It is not our fault that greedy politicians have caused many African nations to starve, it is not our fault that there is homelessness throughout India because of the colonization of that land and it is not our fault that animals are being mistreated and exposed to inhumane treatment in order to fill restaurant seats and tourist attractions. These things aren’t our fault, but we do have it in our power to rectify the damage which greedy and evil people have done, so why on Earth wouldn’t we?


Help however you can, donate money, donate time or raise awareness, we can all do something.

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