Bathroom Design Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

Bathroom Design Mistakes That Have To Be Avoided

Most home owners are not professional interior designers so it is normal to make various mistakes when designing a room. This is actually pretty common in bathrooms. We tend to think about our bathroom as simply being a room that is not so important. According to expert plumbers in Lilydale, things couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

In reality, bathroom design can easily make or break our entire day. Because of this, you have to be sure you do not make the following mistakes as they will ruin the atmosphere in one of the most important rooms in a home.

Lack Of Lighting Layering

In most bathrooms, the only light present is the overhead one. This is a huge disservice. Using layered lighting can make the room so much more functional. Grooming routines like putting on some makeup or shaving will simply be a lot easier.

If you do not know what layered lighting refers to, an example can be:

  • Ambient light – This is the common overhead light.
  • Accent light – An extra light that will be put around the vanity of choice in order to help grooming If you often find yourself having a bath and relaxing, a light there is also recommended to create extra ambiance.
  • Task lights – These are smaller lights that are normally put around mirrors.

Not Thinking About Storage

Storage is so often an afterthought in most bathrooms. Similarly with layered lighting, such a mistake will affect function and form. The bathroom that does not feature enough storage will end up being really cluttered. Basically, your bathroom ends up looking really messy so any great design element will not be seen.

Be really serious with your bathroom storage. See what is needed while thinking about how you often use the room. Then, focus on where you are frustrated because of the lack of storage, all based on the layout now present. After you get this information, you want to go shop for some storage solutions that can solve the problems that you identified.

Mismatched Fixtures

The truth is that it is not at all difficult to mismatch bathroom fixtures. This is incredibly common when the bathroom is re-done, based on a one-piece-at-a-time approach. Fortunately, the fix is not that difficult and all you need is a weekend to take care of it.

The recommendation is to first focus on the material that is chosen for the fixtures. Then, you need to consider the finish. These are the two elements that have to be matched.

Not Thinking About Décor

Last but not least, this is a mistake that is common when space is tight. You simply do not think about bathroom décor since you are afraid that clutter will be created. Do not think like that since there are always some décor items you can add in order to make the entire room cozy, warm and welcoming.

Remember that not much décor is needed in order to end up with a highly cohesive look.

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