Best Ways to Effectively Prepare Yourself for Your Wedding Day  

Best Ways to Effectively Prepare Yourself for Your Wedding Day  

It is not an exaggeration to say that your wedding day will be, without a doubt, one of the biggest days of your life. It is something that you’ll remember forever and will be a memory that you hold close to your heart. Not only this, but it commemorates the day that you commit yourself to your partner, which is completely romantic.

Therefore, you definitely want to try and make the day as special as you possibly can. Planning for weddings can be stressful, but it will also be really fun. This is a day that will be entirely about you and your partner, so it is recommended to chat through your plans with them. You should also try and get a group of friends who can help you out along the way, in order to help take some of the weight off your shoulders.

If you aren’t sure what to start with when organising your wedding, here are a few things you can think about.

Finding the Perfect Dress

It can feel like a lot of pressure to find the dress of your dreams for your wedding day. For pretty much the rest of your life, you will have photographs of yourself on the big day in family photo albums and in people’s houses. You want to look back at these with pride and feel as though your wedding dress was something that truly represented your personality rather than being something a bit risky and out of your comfort zone.

Furthermore, there is quite a bit of stress associated with weddings in general, so the last thing you want to do is add to this by being stressed about what you are wearing. It is definitely worth trying on quite a few wedding dresses before deciding on ‘the one’, so that you don’t feel as though you have rushed into a decision. If you’re looking for a wedding dress Melbourne shop, check out The Sposa Group. They have a huge range of wedding dresses with lots of different styles to choose from. They also promise to help you find the dress of your dreams, with bridal consultants available to advise you on what would be best for a designer wedding or an intimate gathering.

You could either go for something really traditional, or you could be a bit subversive. This also depends on the mood of your wedding – if you are following traditions and taking the religious approach, it may be better to go for a safer option in terms of a dress. Having said this, your wedding is ultimately about making yourself feel good, so don’t try and please others too much.

Choosing a Special Venue

Of course, where you will get married will also have such a big impact on your special day, so choosing the right kind of location is another important factor. There is no wrong or right answer for this – some people would prefer to have a traditional wedding in a church, others may prefer a wedding on a beach, and others may like their wedding to be in a converted barn.

Before you choose your location, you should probably decide on whether you want a big wedding or a smaller one and from there you can form a guest list and decide what kind of venue would be the most realistic. Again, in terms of who you invite to your wedding, there is no wrong or right – some people want everyone they know there, but others may want a very small wedding with just their close family. Visiting a few venues prior to deciding is definitely the best way forward and, if possible, you should choose somewhere that you have seen in real life rather than deciding from a photograph.

Telling Guests Far in Advance

Once you have formed your guest list, you should try and tell guests about the wedding pretty far in advance – ideally at least half a year before the wedding takes place. This will give everyone enough time to pencil in the date to their diary and make it a priority, so hopefully pretty much everyone you invite will be able to attend.

It also can take guests quite a while to think about what they will get you as a wedding present as well as deciding what they will wear, so this takes a bit of stress off them too.

Having the Food and Entertainment Planned Out

Another element of the wedding that you should think about beforehand is what will take place after the wedding ceremony. Typically, there will be lots of food available to the guests as well as some form of entertainment. This could be relatively formal, such as a three course sit down meal, or it could be less formal and more of a buffet style. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, you should factor in the number of people coming, as well as your budget.

Typically, a buffet may be easier to organise, not to mention it will be cheaper, but if you want to keep people sitting down, then maybe a meal is the best option. In terms of the type of food you serve, this again could be anything, depending on what you enjoy best or whether you are looking for the food to reflect a particular culture.

Entertainment is always a fun part of the night to organise. Good ideas for wedding entertainment are hiring a band to play, looking into a stand-up comedian or having a disco. Depending on whether you will have an adult-orientated wedding or whether kids will be present, you should have a think about what the guests would like best.

Planning far in advance for your wedding will ensure that you leave nothing off the list and will help reduce your stress levels. It is advised that you make a checklist of vital things you need to do and cross these off once you have sorted them out. This way, you will feel as though you are achieving something rather than not getting anywhere. Lastly, don’t let the planning process be all consuming and try to have fun with it – your wedding is supposed to be enjoyable and not a burden!

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