Better Ways to Brew Your Coffee

Better Ways to Brew Your Coffee

Either due to its smooth taste or our hectic to-do lists, coffee has become a way of life for most. It can ease one into the day and takes a certain edge out of unfortunate work meetings. Moreover, it can be decadently topped to provide the perfect afternoon treat.


This caffeinated culture has brought on several new ways to brew a better cup of coffee. Let’s check out the top five.

1. French Press


These extremely nifty and easy to use coffee makers save busy mornings. They strike the perfect balance between time management, money, and quality of taste. That’s why they are in so many homes today. Versions of them have been used well back into history.


To use one, add ground coffee to the carafe, pour over hot water, and wait about ten minutes. Press down the included filter and fill up your cup! It is as simple as that. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the coffee from these usually has a specific taste. It can take some getting used to.

2. Cold Brew


Consider cold brew coffee as a cool alternative to a mug of warm brew. Exploding into the coffee scene relatively recently, interest in it has skyrocketed. Essentially, the method steeps coffee at a colder temperature for much longer, usually overnight.


The coffee that emerges is unique. First of all, it will be, on average, three times more concentrated than traditional drip coffee! Of course, that depends on the bean selection and amount of coffee used. It will also be smoother and less acidic, leaving those with tummy troubles a little happier.


The other great benefit is its convenience. Rather than making a cup of coffee and dealing with cleaning filters in the morning, make some over the weekend and let it set up. You can easily create a week’s worth of coffee in one go on a lazy Saturday.

3. AeroPress


A seemingly complicated piece of equipment, the AeroPress provides an outstanding brew in a small amount of time. Though it looks like an odd machine, an AeroPress brews coffee in about a minute. Also, the design is small enough to be portable, making it the traveler’s companion.


With it being so small, an AeroPress only produces one or two cups of coffee at a time. It can be challenging to make enough for a crowd. Also, it does have paper filters that need to be changed and discarded.

4. Chemex Brewer


The tacit method of choice for dinner parties and fancy occasions, a Chemex Brewer sometimes feels like art than coffee. That is until you drink a cup from it. Drip coffee from a Chemex Brewer is intoxicatingly aromatic and smooth. Owing to its special thick filters, the brewing process results in a rich taste unique to its method.

5. SoftBrew


If you combined a standard french press with an updated tea kettle, you would get something similar to a SoftBrew. It works like a French press but keeps the grounds out of the brew. In doing so results in a smoother and less acidic cup of coffee is obtained. This method is still relatively quick and low maintenance. The SoftBrew itself is ceramic and fragile, though, making it difficult to transport.

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