Bharat Bhise – Cornerstones For Success in Vlogging

Bharat Bhise – Cornerstones For Success in Vlogging

Bharat Bhise and I have been YouTubing together for just over 4 years and throughout that time we have learned a lot about the vlogging community. Honestly for the first year or so Bharat and I were making videos for about 10 people each time, but then we decided to go back to the drawing board and we put a new strategy together, which has helped us to achieve some moderate levels of success. We currently make enough money to do this full time, which was really our end-game since the beginning. If you want to become a YouTuber then these are what we have identified as being the cornerstones of success in this industry.


Professional Setup


There is nothing wrong with shooting a phone video from time to time on your channel but generally speaking you need to have a setup which looks professional and which people will instantly like. If your setup is your kitchen at home with poor lighting and an echo sound then people just aren’t going to engage. Recording videos may be easier than ever but people still want something which is polished.


Provide Value


One of the reasons why Bharat and I didn’t really get much traction on our videos in the early days is because we were just chatting about general BS, with no real reason as to why, or any indication as to what we were trying to achieve. When you are creating a YouTube video you have to provide the viewer with some value, and a reason to watch. Just think about how many millions of videos there are out there for a viewer, why should they choose yours? You have to ensure that you are giving the viewer value, that could be information, knowledge, comedy or entertainment, and after each video you need to review it and put yourself in their shoes.


Promote The Video


You have to work hard on promoting the video and that starts from the uploading of the video on to the site. You need a killer description which is going to bring people in, you also need a great thumbnail and you should construct your description in line with best SEO practices. Once the video is uploaded you should cut the video into pieces and share these snippets on your social media channels, using hashtags in the right way to attract more viewers.




People want you to engage with them and in doing so you can put a human side to your channel, and you can increase your levels of loyal viewers. Engage with people on the YouTube comments as well as on your other social media profiles. Remember that the internet is a community and in a community people talk and people take feedback, the online world is no different.


Follow these steps and your are going to be well on your way to success with your vlog.

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