Bingo will never die. Classics of gambling

Bingo will never die. Classics of gambling

Today, despite the variety of newfangled slots, games with dealers, gambling mini-games, almost no online casino operator ignores the classics of gambling entertainment – bingo. But not everyone, including those who like to try their luck, know about bingo detail. Disclose history, species information, legal regulation and the role of bingo in virtual casinos and this material is called upon.

The history of the creation of bingo

This game, which has become part of popular culture, evokes different images in the subconscious:

middle-aged people bent over cards, a pub with gambling people, spending Saturday night with bingo and a glass of beer, soothing TV broadcast of the game. Meanwhile, this is all part of bingo culture, but not all of it.

Let’s consider the history of the gambling legend. Play casino slots online for fun.

What is the essence of bingo?

This game can be called a relative of the lottery, because it is also a game of luck, not suggesting some kind of skill – at least in the classic variation. Player must collect a combination of random numbers that the presenter draws, by checking the card. If the combination is made, the player usually shouts “Bingo!” and his declares the winner, he gets the whole pot. But this is just the basic version, the game differs from variation to variation, you can play it according to a variety of rules. But the general principle is one: the selected numbers must match the numbers indicated on the player’s card.

Bingo start

The game dates back to the 16th century. It was originally invented and popularized in Italy, somewhere in the 30s of the XVI century. Then it was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Later century, under the name Le Lotto, it came to the French, and in pedantic Germany received mathematical development, about which later.


In the early 20th century, bingo became extremely popular in North America. Here she and received its famous name, which was given to it by the manufacturer Eddin S. Lowe, who, in collaboration with scientists, created thousands of new cards, and with them – winning combinations, while in the new version there is a chance to find repeated winning combos decreased.

The sale of new cards made the game even more popular, another one was added to bingo – Yahtzee. Subsequently, the company was bought out in 1973 for $ 26 million.

Until today, bingo is one of the most popular types of gambling pastime, now almost all casinos have some kind of portfolio in their portfolio bingo – depending on the needs of their audience.

Online casinos are no exception, because there are a lot of people who want to play bingo in the Internet. Moreover, a variety of types of entertainment are presented there in a bright cover.

What is bingo

The classic version uses 75 balls. It should be noted that the number of balls affects the winning chance: after all, the fewer balls in the game, the higher the probability victory. In other varieties, a different number of balls are used, different rules for the use of cards with combinations and the interaction of players are unchanged only the principle of choosing a combination.

Bingo with 75 balls

This is probably the most popular version distributed around the world. Cards with written numbers 5 × 5 (that is, 25 cells), the cell in the center is empty. The columns answer five letters: B I N G O.

Bingo with 30 balls

A shorter version with a small 3 × 3 map for very fast rounds.

Bingo with 90 balls

In this variation, 3 by 5 cards are used, you need to set host one row to win and a full card – for the so-called full house.

Bingo with 80 balls

Here 4 by 4 cards are already used, each round lasts longer, since in this version all line variants work, plus exotic combinations like four corners, squares, combinations of several lines, etc.

Other variations of bingo

There are more sophisticated types of play, these modified “relatives” often offer slightly different principles of the game. They are also popular, here the most famous of them:


The players choose the numbers themselves and then compare them with the winning numbers, therefore, most of all this version is similar to keno.

Deadly bingo

A risky name, which, in fact, hides turned upside down way to play. In order to win, the player must not have the same numbers, all on the contrary: the participants must hold out the winning ones (although in this case it is rather losing) numbers. Assumes long matches.


Bonanza looks like a classic with 75 balls, but in reality it is a faster game, so as at the very beginning 43 numbers are issued, and with each new round the jackpot grows.


In Blackout, or Coverall, all cells must be closed, which affects the duration of the game. As with the previous variation, the winnings increase with every call.

Math bingo

A very real way to strengthen your mathematical knowledge is in mathematical variety, the presenter calls the players a formula or an encrypted message, from which you want to extract the number.

Facebook bingo

This is a virtual version of bingo, as its name suggests, is played in the most popular social network. Added bonuses to the game that increase the chances get a winning combination.

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