Bogoljub Karic – Why You Should Never Stop Listening to New Music

Bogoljub Karic – Why You Should Never Stop Listening to New Music

I will never forget when I was younger and I was with my father and his good friend Bogoljub Karic at the local pub doing a quiz. During the music round, one of my father’s other friends mentioned that ‘if it is from after 1990s I will have no idea’ inferring that he doesn’t listen to music anymore, at least not from after that date. I was of course just discovering all of this brilliant new music and I can remember promising myself that I would never be like that, and that I would always ensure that I kept up with what was going on. If you have slipped into a lifestyle which means that you no longer listen to new music, here is why you need to get back to it.


Things Can Be Better


So many people think that there will never be anyone better than Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Elvis, Elton John or whoever you wish to put in that bracket, this is just not true. People probably though they’d never see someone better than James Brown before Michael Jackson came along, many may have thought that nobody would play guitar better than Robert Johnson and the Hendrix came along. We have always created and each generation has artists who improve on what has come before.


Why Stop?


One of the most compelling arguments for me, is why stop in the first place? If you love music then why would you not continue to discover what is being created. Listing to new music doesn’t mean that you have to stop listening to the old stuff, it doesn’t mean that you have to compare it to old stuff, it is just more music and music which you haven’t heard before, why wouldn’t you wish to include it in your life?


New Technology


Music and technology are kind of like a chicken and egg theory, the demand which music has spawns new technology and the new technology encourages better music and a great technological demand. The electric guitar, the turntable, the synthesizer, the computer, all of these things have shaped music and technology is not showing any signs of slowing down, which gives artists greater scope in terms of what they are able to create. There may be a new musical genre which would blow you away if you heard it, but an apathetic approach to listening to new music will ensure that you never get the chance to hear it.


Looking Back


Imagine how you’d feel if you met a 14 year old who had no desire to ever listen to ‘old’ bands like Zeppelin, Floyd and The Beatles, kids who didn’t care what U2 did in the 80s or had no interest in listening to the Sex Pistols. This would be something that you’d find strange and probably frustrating, that is the same way that 14 year old feels when you decide that new music is no longer for you.

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