Cape Charles, Virginia – A Hidden Gem

Cape Charles, Virginia – A Hidden Gem

There are places we have all been, or at least daydreamt of traveling to – Paris, Barcelona, Ireland, and the list is endless. But, sometimes, it’s even better to find those hidden gem towns and villages that hardly anyone has ever heard of. Part of their charm lies in the little things that haven’t yet been changed by a ton of tourism or a faster pace of life. And, it’s even better when those little gems are right in your backyard (or able to get to in a couple of hours). 


Many people that live in the Mid-Atlantic area have, of course, heard of Atlantic City, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Virginia Beach. But, even people who grew up on the bay may have never heard of or been to a small city called Cape Charles, Virginia. Here’s a list of reasons why, if you’re within a few hour’s drive from the Chesapeake Bay, you must add it to your list of destinations – particularly during the summer. 


Small Town Charm 


The town itself is absolutely idyllic. The streets are lined with adorable beach cottages, brightly painted, many with some type of flair in the yard. Whether it’s an American flag, Pride flag, or just a flock of lawn flamingos, almost every other house has something charming about it. There are only a dozen or so restaurants, a couple of bakeries, and even fewer coffee shops. The hours and business days of the establishments vary in a way that you have to respect because they reflect the laid-back atmosphere in Cape Charles. While there is one street that’s lined with what you would probably consider “tourist” shops, even those don’t have the gaudiness that you would experience in a typical beach town. And, you don’t have to worry about an overcrowded boardwalk in Cape Charles either. 


Golf Carts


Name something more fun than riding around in a golf cart – we’ll wait. Of course, there are plenty of things just as fun, but riding in a golf cart with the ocean air surrounding you is one of the most relaxing and fun things you can do. The beauty of Cape Charles is it’s so tiny that most people, whether local or just visiting, opt for this mode of transport while there. The fact that people are traveling via golf carts in so many places again lends to the slower pace of life in the town, which is something so many of us need as we escape from our hectic day to day lives. 


Nature Calls 


Another beautiful aspect of Cape Charles is the type of beach community that it is. You are on the bay, and the water is filled with all sorts of natural wildlife. The water itself remains shallow (think knee-deep) very far out into the ocean. The shallowness of the water makes it ideal for wading or catching tiny waves. Several natural rock formations are home to tons of mollusks that you can explore if you’re a nature buff. Not only that, but the water is also full of sea snails, crabs, and jellyfish. Don’t worry – not poisonous jellyfish, and if you do have the misfortune of being stung, the pain is minimal and wears off in minutes. Most people are left entirely alone by them anyway. The bottom line – if you’re into aquatic wildlife and natural beauty, Cape Charles is a breath of fresh air from overcrowded and over visited beaches where you’re lucky to find a single seashell. You’re guaranteed to find many to take home as souvenirs from the cape.


For All Ages


If you’re traveling with children, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to feel confident they’re safe – especially when visiting bodies of water. As mentioned earlier, the water is so shallow at Cape Charles, and it makes it a popular place for people with small children.


However, if this is more of a romantic getaway than a family vacation, consider booking a room at one of the many wonderful oceanside resorts. While packing adult sex toys and relying on room service isn’t the worst idea, there’s plenty more to see and do! Start by making your way to the less crowded areas of the beach for some romantic relaxation. The beach stretches are long enough, and the traveling accommodations are scarce enough that there aren’t enough people to overtake a beach and make it a sandy playroom.


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