Caring for your hair at home

Caring for your hair at home

Going to the salon can be an excellent experience for many of us. If your appointment is for a special occasion, or if it’s for regular hair maintenance, it means you have some time dedicated to your own self-care.


Yet there are times you can’t go: you may not have the time, or you just can’t justify the cost right now, for instance. Don’t worry, as there are different tasks you can carry out to maintain your hair until then – so have a look at these suggestions.


Work out your hair type

Taking care of your hair begins with knowing what kind of hair you have. There are generally four hair types, each being more or less prone to getting damaged. You should be more careful with your hair care routine, the more prone your hair type is:


  • Straight hair is the least prone to damage and the most resilient but can tend to be oily. Avoid applying oil to this hair and focus on shampoos for ‘normal’ hair
  • Wavy hair can be frizzy, making it hard to style. Try embracing your natural curls with your hair
  • Curly hair is very prone to damage – and so split ends – and is usually voluminous
  • Kinky hair is also voluminous and incredibly frizzy. It’s also the more damage-prone of all hair types


Know how to comb

Comb your hair regularly, but don’t overdo it because this can cause breakage. You should comb only to eliminate knots.


  • Comb when your hair is dry. Never do this when your hair is wet, as it’s more vulnerable and prone to breaking
  • Start from bottom and work your way up. Go slowly and focus on knots
  • If you can’t get rid of a knot, apply some conditioner to it and brush it through


Try dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can disguise greasy roots and give texture – among other uses. If you do use it, don’t only put it on the visible part of your roots or along your parting. Section your hair once or twice (or more with thick hair) and apply to the roots in between each section. This will give you volume and do a better job of making it look like you’ve had an all-over hair wash.


Also: shop around for your dry shampoo. Aerosol sprays aren’t the only available option, as you can choose a dry shampoo powder, paste or a mousse.


Condition the correct way

Conditioners seal in the moisture within the hair shaft. However, it isn’t meant for the scalp – so start about two inches from yours. Too much conditioner on your scalp will make it oily.


You should also consider using a shampoo and conditioner from the same line. This is because they will have a similar formulation, created for a particular hair type and purpose. You will get achieve results when using a single line rather than individual products.


Dry your hair cautiously

You should pat your hair dry, rather than rubbing it vigorously with a towel. Although the latter method may dry your hair quicker, the amount of hair breakage also increases.

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