Ceramic Rings Are Gaining Popularity As Wedding Rings

Ceramic Rings Are Gaining Popularity As Wedding Rings

When it comes to wedding rings we are noticing various trends that keep growing as people are looking for many different things that are different and unique. One of those is using ceramic rings and more couples consider them as they realize they are very sturdy and offer various interesting advantages.

Explaining Ceramic Rings

The ceramic ring is made out of different powdered ceramic materials in pure form and zirconium. The materials are heated at a very high temperature, creating molten liquid. This liquid is then shaped, cut and cooled. Then, it is polished for a great ring. Manufacturing these rings leads to a material that is actually harder than titanium and even close to tungsten.

Why Ceramic Rings For Weddings

In many cases people look for ceramic wedding rings as they have an allergy to metals. However, this is just one of the advantages that should be known. The biggest advantages associated with using ceramic rings as wedding rings are:

  • Never fading – Other treated and colored wedding rings are going to lose their color but the ceramic ring will not. This is particularly important in the event you are looking for specific colors, like black.

  • Lightweight – The ceramic rings weigh a lot less than the tungsten rings, even if they are heavier than those made out of titanium.

  • Unscratchable – Color is solid and basically contained in the entirety of the wedding ring. You thus end up with a final color that is not in reality just coating. In the event that you live a fully active life, job or you enjoy such hobbies, ceramic rings might very well be for you.

  • Cannot change color – The tungsten wedding rings with cobalt allow added instead of carbon will oxidize. The ceramic rings are going to remain exactly as you see them when you buy.

  • Zero crazing

  • Multiple color options – Besides black and white you can go for many other contemporary colors that offer more uniqueness, including blues and pinks.

  • Various styles – Ceramic wedding rings can be incorporated with different ingredients. For instance, you can add metallic stripes or you can include diamonds. Even engraving is possible, just like grooving and faceting.

  • Hypo-allergenic – If you have allergy problems you will love ceramic rings as sensitive skin will not be affected.

  • Contemporary appearance –The ceramic rings do have a modern look and are quite ideal if you are interested in something that is not traditional.


A big problem with ceramic wedding rings is that you cannot resize them. When finger size fluctuates, it is not a wonderful option. Also, in the event that there is an emergency, it is difficult to remove the rings. It is important to be educated and learn how to remove such rings whenever emergencies happen. You need to be sure that ceramic rings are removed before you use any damaging heavy machinery.

On the whole, ceramic rings are very interesting as engagement or wedding rings if you want something that is truly contemporary. These rings do not scratch or lose their color.

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