Choosing Wedding Favors – Going For Memorable, Fun

Choosing Wedding Favors – Going For Memorable, Fun

If your wedding is coming up anytime soon, hopefully you’ve already got your venue picked out, you’ve already ordered the perfect custom rings, and you’re most likely working on the finishing touches by now.

In case you still haven’t figured out what kind of souvenir / favors to give away after your party, take heart! There are many options you can choose from so you wouldn’t have to go for the usual fare.

Whatever you do, stay away from cliché, kitschy souvenirs which your guests have no reason to keep. Since you’re going to spend money on wedding favors anyway, it’s best ensure that they’re fun, unique and useful.

A good example for this kind of favor is the canvas tote bag. You can choose any design and color you want, so you can be as creative you wish with it, and will be useful for your guests!

Another excellent souvenir is the water bottle. These are also available different sizes and colors for added variety. And like the canvas tote bag, you can get custom designs printed on them.

For something more traditional (but still fun and useful), you can go for the coffee mug or the teacup. Choose standard sizes so that your guests can actually use them, and select a fun design so you will want to use it time and time again. Though it’s true that coffee mugs and teacups are popular Christmas gifts, folks can never have too many of them. And cute designs win people over, don’t forget that.

Of course, not all souvenirs need to be reusable items. You can experiment with food items such as candies. Set up a candy bar in the reception area and let your guests mix and match different candies for their loot bags. If you’re on a budget, you can prepackage loot bags and ask your guests to take one each. Although this kind of souvenir doesn’t stick around forever, you can be sure your guests will love their candies as long as they last.

Speaking of food items, you can try other stuff like coffee grains, tea leaves, wine, jam, chocolate bars, etc. The fun thing about these kinds of souvenirs is that you can do a lot with the packaging. You can put personalized labels that look like product labels just for the fun of it.

But if food items as souvenirs aren’t your thing, and you aren’t too keen on reusable items, then you can try out consumable non-food items like body lotions and shower gels. Even on a limited budget, this kind of souvenir still makes a great choice because you can use small bottles and package them as travel-size. It works best with destination weddings or travel-themed weddings.

Another souvenir option you can consider is gift certificates. These are definitely useful depending on what kind of certificates you get, but there’s no need to worry because you have a lot of options to choose from – spa, salon, cafe, bookstore, specialty shop, etc. Get the certificates printed on customized paper to make them look more like souvenirs. Your guests will love the fact that they get to choose what to do with the certificates.

Here’s a word of advice: Pick a souvenir that you’d want to get. That’s already a reliable measure of whether or not your guests will appreciate your choice. But aside from that, have fun and go crazy.

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