Consider Making Jewelry For Fun or Profit

Consider Making Jewelry For Fun or Profit

People do not realize how naturally creative they are until they find something that gives them the ability to express their creativity. Starting a new and creative hobby can initially feel overwhelming because there are so many things to choose from. One that you might enjoy is making your own jewelry.

Making your own jewelry involves creating different pieces and designing them, either in your head, or on paper, and then assembling them at your kitchen table or your designated hobby table. Part of the fun of making jewelry is shopping for all of the little charms and jewels you might want to use, and the different chains, earring posts, and bracelets. You could spend hours just perusing online jewelry-making shops and jewelry supply sections in arts and crafts stores. If you would like to get started on this hobby, here are some tips that will help you.

Do Your Research

Unless you intentionally want to recreate a piece you have seen in a magazine or around the neck, wrist, or ears of your fave celebrity, you want to make original pieces. To make original pieces of jewelry, you have to do your research. You probably thought you would not need a computer or laptop for making jewelry, huh? Yet, a computer can be a very useful part of your hobby, since it will help you research, find supplies, purchase items you cannot get in a store, etc. There are certainly plenty of fashion advice websites that offer tips about the latest trends in jewelry too.

Get Inspired

If you hit a roadblock in your initial creative stages, there is plenty of inspiration out there. Some jewelry makers and designers started out just like you. Now they are world-famous, with some of their pieces taking center stage at major art and jewelry shows around the world. You only have to look at the simplicity and beauty of these pieces to know that it does not take a ton of creativity to make them. As you gather inspiration, you will find that you will come up with new techniques and approaches to the pieces you want to make, and you will be able to explore them further when you return to your hobby table to work.

Shop Sales

Arts and crafts stores online and in your city will frequently have sales on jewelry-making supplies. If you shop at these times, you can walk away with a lot of supplies for your hobby for less than what you think it will cost to get started. Do not overlook the clearance sales either because there just might be some real gems (or Austrian crystals!) hidden in the piles of supplies in these sections.

Practicing Your Hobby a Few Times a Week

Artists are not instantly fabulous at their craft. Neither are jewelry makers, woodworkers, or pastry chefs. If you want your creativity to really get flowing, and you want your jewelry designs to get better and better—practice. Even if you spend only thirty minutes a day a few days a week working on your jewelry, you will find that over time your pieces get better and better.

Do Not Be Afraid of Color

Jewelry is pretty because it sparkles, it has color, and adds shine to anything you wear. Anything you make should have at least a hint of color. Even the most minimalist of pieces have a contrasting metal color. Keep this in mind so that your pieces are not entirely white/clear and just gold or just silver. Experiment. There are so many charms with colors, text, pictures, etc., and lots of base supplies to really get into this hobby and make it your own.

Consider Posting Your Best Pieces Online for Sale

When you feel that you have a few really perfect pieces, consider selling them. There are more than enough online outlets for you to sell your jewelry. All you need are pictures in the right light and with the right jewelry displays or models. If your work begins selling out quickly, start working on your hobby faster. You might even be able to turn this hobby into a full-time job.

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