Fashion addict: 5 clothing storage hacks you need to know

Fashion addict: 5 clothing storage hacks you need to know

Hands up if you’re someone who has far too many clothes to fit into your now bursting at the seams wardrobe? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. It’s fair to say that most people have more clothes than they have room for. But, of course, there’s a need for all of them, right? From interview attire and wedding outfits to your ‘smart-casual’ get-ups and your favourite loungewear; we all need multiple options for multiple occasions.

The only problem with having so many clothes is finding somewhere suitable to keep them all. Quite often one wardrobe just isn’t enough, but what happens if you don’t have the space for another? If you’re a fashion addict who simply can’t bear the thought of cutting down on the number of clothes you own, we’ve come up with five clothing storage hacks that you need to know.


  • Get some under bed storage

If you don’t have room for an additional wardrobe or a bigger one than what you already have, then you need to make the best use of other storage space you may have around the house. Put some of the clothes you wear less often in the spare room or consider getting yourself a new bed that features drawer space storage underneath. The Divan Beds Centre has a great range of divan beds with drawers or Ottoman storage beds that lift right up – the perfect home for all your shoes and bags.


  • Have a seasonal wardrobe

You might be struggling to find room in your wardrobe for all the clothes that you wear, but chances are, you aren’t wearing every item all year round. You’re bound to have big winter coats and chunky knit jumpers that are taking up valuable wardrobe space in the summer, or countless summer dresses and sandals that won’t be touched over the winter months. Divide your clothes into seasonal wardrobes and put whatever you’re not currently wearing into the loft until needed.


  • Double up on your hangers

To make a bit of extra room on the hanging rail inside your wardrobe, you need to be collecting ring pulls from the tops of your soft drink or beer cans. Confused? You don’t need to be; this is a super easy hack. Simply place a ring pull on each of your coat hanger hooks and you’ve got yourself another hook to hang a second hanger from. These items will hang a little lower than the others, so your clothes hopefully won’t get so squashed up.


  • Purchase some additional hanging storage

There are loads of different types of cheap storage solutions that you can add to your wardrobe or your bedroom. Why not get some hanging canvas shelves? You can store loads more clothes and save on space when they’re folded in piles. A tiered shoe rail could easily fit into the bottom of your wardrobe too (and you’ll fit more on there if you alternate the shoes, one facing forwards and one facing backwards and so on). Or get yourself an over-the-door hanger with storage pockets for all your scarves, accessories and smaller shoes.


  • Make use of vacuum storage bags

For the clothes that you don’t wear so often, you should invest in some vacuum bags so that they can be stored out of sight, taking up as little room as possible. The pump provided with them sucks all the air out the bag, compressing it right down to the smallest size possible. This can then easily be put away in the drawers under your bed, in the bottom of your wardrobe or up in the loft out of the way.


What are your top tips for storing your clothes? Hopefully, some of the solutions above will help you to make the most of the space you’ve got.

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