Finding a Career That Suits You

Finding a Career That Suits You

One of the things that can create worry for individuals is the career path that they choose. You want to wake up every day to do something you enjoy and also something that makes you feel like you’re contributing positively to the world. However, the path to finding such a career can be filled with twists and turns. It also isn’t straightforward as most people end up having to try different careers until they find one that they truly connect with. Having said that, you’ll discover how you can find a career that suits you below.


Ask Questions


The first step to take when looking for a career that suits you would be to ask a series of questions. Assess where you are and where you’ve come from over the past couple of years and use that to help identify your areas of interests.


Favorite Topics: When you’re talking to your friends? What topics get your heart beating and adrenaline rushing? Such topics could point you in the direction of your interests and possible career paths.


Past Jobs: If you’ve ever worked before, take a look at the types of jobs that you’ve had, then write down things that you liked and disliked in each role. Doing so could lead you to the career you enjoy. It could be that you liked communicating with clients but hated administrative tasks. this will also tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are.


Hobbies: Not all hobbies can be turned into careers, but some certainly can. Think about what you do during your free time and which activities bring you the most satisfaction. It could be that you like learning new languages so becoming an interpreter may suit you. On the other hand, perhaps you enjoy academic writing, and you should go into the research field.


Explore Career Options


The next step would be to list out different career paths or go from sector to sector. Some of the leading sectors are below, so perhaps look into those first.


Healthcare: The healthcare industry is one that is thriving, and that’s because good health is necessary for a good quality life. Nursing is a career that tends to have a high demand, so if you enjoy fast-paced environments and treating people, consider ICU nurse jobs. You could earn anything from $79,000 upwards depending on your qualifications.


Technology: The tech sector is another one that continues to grow. It’s a huge component of the US economy and is projected to grow from 13 percent from 2016 to 2026. Popular career paths you could take include becoming a hardware engineer, data architect, or network administrator.


Finance: Without finance, the world would likely come to a halt, so this likely explains why it’s a leading sector. If you’re good with numbers, think about going into corporate finance, commercial banking, investment banking, or hedge funds.


Try Different Things


After having a personal brainstorm session, it could serve you well to start trying out the things you’ve identified you like. Take time out to intern and volunteer as a way of testing the waters. In addition to this, you could have one to one conversations with people in your prospective career paths. Ask them what a day in their life is like, what career challenges they face and what activities they do on a daily basis. Aside from this, consider taking a quiz that will tell you what job best matches your personality.



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