Five Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Give to Your Daughter Someday

Five Pieces of Jewelry You’ll Give to Your Daughter Someday

Jewelry is valuable, but it’s also sentimental. Sometimes it carries more sentimental value than monetary value. When you’re a mother with a daughter, the only thing you can think of doing with your jewelry is to pass it along. Jewelry gets more valuable as time goes on, and if you don’t want to sell a particular piece for profit, it’s always a great idea to give your heirlooms to your daughter. Below are five pieces of jewelry you will give to your daughter someday.

Engagement Ring

When your daughter is about to get married, you will probably want to give your engagement ring to her. Whether you give the ring to her fiancé or simply pass it along for the day that she does get engaged, giving your daughter the engagement ring is a very meaningful gesture. Whether it’s a rose gold band or an emerald cut diamond ring, the value doesn’t matter as much as the sentimentality. You have probably had that engagement ring for many years. Giving it to your daughter is a great way to keep it in the family and pass along its meaning.


A necklace is another valuable jewelry item in many ways. Necklaces can be both expensive and sentimental. You might not wear a necklace all the time, but when you do it is a special occasion. When it’s time to pass along that necklace, you can’t give it a son or another male relative. It should go to your daughter. Even if your daughter doesn’t typically wear necklaces, giving her your sentimental piece to wear around her neck will provide an accessory for special occasions. It will remind her and other relatives of you both now and when you’re gone.


While they might seem outdated, pearls are an heirloom that should be passed down to your children. They may not wear the pearls, but that’s okay. They are worth more money than you might think. If you were given pearls by your mother or grandmother, it’s a great idea to keep the tradition going. Pearls can be useful for a themed party, but mostly they will be kept in the closet. They will be there reminding your daughter of you and your family’s legacy. Pearls aren’t exactly in style, but that’s what makes them special. They are a relic from another time.


Another piece that you can give to your daughter is a locket. Lockets are incredibly sentimental. They can hold a small photograph, a piece of hair, or another item that you want to keep safe and close to your chest. When the time comes, gifting that special locket to your daughter is very sentimental. You can tell her the story of how you got it, what has been inside, why you are passing it down to her, and what you hope she gets out of it. Your daughter will keep it around her neck when you are gone, remembering the time you gave it to her and what you meant to her life. A locket doesn’t have to be old to be full of meaning. It is a great gift whether it’s an heirloom or not.


Finally, the last piece of jewelry you should give to your daughter someday is a bracelet. You probably have one that you’ve had forever. It could be engraved, or you could get it newly engraved to show your intention in the gift. Whatever kind of bracelet it is, this piece of jewelry can be both meaningful and valuable. Like necklaces, lockets, and other heirlooms, a bracelet can have all kinds of sentimental meanings attached to it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how old your daughter is, what jewelry you have, and what it means to you, passing along these priceless pieces is a great way to keep the family legacy going and say something you want to say. Jewelry has monetary value, but often it has even more sentimental value. When you are getting older and want to make sure these pieces are in good hands, you should think about passing jewelry onto your daughter. In the end, you will be happy you did. 


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