Five Ways to be Taken Seriously on the Golf Course

Five Ways to be Taken Seriously on the Golf Course

Golfing is a serious art form that requires several elements that you must master in order to fully enjoy the sport with confidence. Once you are able to gain a certain level of skill, you won’t have to worry so much about “looking the part”. Here are some tips that might help you win while also having fun above all else.

Study the Game
If you’re really serious, you can look into 
enrolling in a golf career college. You can also take another route like studying the game of Vijay Singh in order to learn more about golf; study his swing, mannerisms and technique. Your swing sequence is something that can make a big difference. A golf instructor is going to try to create a certain rhythm and consistency in their student’s swing. A student that has a quirky and yet still consistent swing that gets results can gain respect on the course. 

Study and apply and grow.

Use Proper Equipment
You also want to make a note of the club brands that a professional will use. You will find that a lot of pros use Callaway and some use the Nike brand; although not every club will work for every golfer. Cobra Golf makes a very nice 7-wood with oversized irons that you can purchase that may not be ideal for a beginner, but adjustments can be made as you progress. 

Schedule Practice Rounds
You want to be able to learn how to 
bend your knees when golfing. Mark O’Meara and other golfers talk about the important role practice rounds have played in their careers.

You can use those practice rounds in order to protect your knees, making sure that you do not tear your patella tendon or another muscle with a careless golf swing. The tilt of your spine, in other words your axis needs to be straight if you want to have a sold golf swing. Most golf instructors want to teach their students about a “clean” back swing, which means that you should not have a lot of extra motion tied to your back swing.

Wear Proper Attire
Spikeless golf shoes have become quite popular in golf. There are a lot of instructors out there that may be afraid that you won’t be able to get the proper and necessary footing with spikeless golf shoes.

Your instructor may be particularly afraid that your body won’t be properly aligned when you are setting up for your swing; this is not a good thing. The PGA Merchandise Show can certainly give you an idea about which shoes will work for different golfers. A shoe that FootJoy makes can work for you on a variety of levels. People know that the looks of the shoe are quite impressive; you want to look sleek out there on the golf course. But they also have to help and keep you comfortable. People can still take you seriously if you are wearing spikeless shoes, particularly if they are becoming more common. 

Record Sessions
You may want to tape your practice sessions. Are you getting the right kind of hip motion? This may sound silly, but it may make a difference in the long run. Taping sessions may also give you an idea as to why your elbow may be hurting or other problems. A poor golf swing can lead to a fair amount of elbow pain, you need to be able to pay attention to these things. The taping of the sessions can help you correct your golf swing and avoid further injury. 

If you follow these five steps, you will gain more credibility as a golfer. Success can help your passion for golf grow. A student of the game often has a passion for the game.

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