Get Out of L.A. for the Weekend: Travel Itineraries for the Broken Hearted & Down Trodden

Get Out of L.A. for the Weekend: Travel Itineraries for the Broken Hearted & Down Trodden

Has the rat race got you down? The endless traffic, the pollution, the Angelino vibe? Like millions of your fellow citizens of Los Angeles, California, you’re probably overdue for a trip out of the big city, bright lights, and road rage. Find some inspiration in the Willie Nelson song and sing: “Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway.” Plan a weekend getaway, drop your car off in LAX parking, and give yourself a breath of fresh air.


Joshua Tree


Two things about a weekend in Joshua Tree: you’re going to have to drive there, and you’ll see a lot of people from Los Angeles. Once you get past that, you can enjoy a laundry list of benefits that include communing with nature, breathing smog-free air, and drinking kombucha. (Yes, we know that you can drink kombucha in L.A., but it tastes better in J-Tree.) The best way to take a road trip to the desert is to make a ritual stop at the In-N-Out Burger by Hadley’s on your way. It’s not that the food is terrible in the desert; in fact, a lot of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants out there are far better than they have to be. On your way back to the city, stop at Hadley’s and load up on dates. Where should you stay in Joshua Tree? If camping isn’t your thing, try the Joshua Tree Inn and ask for Room 8, which is the room where country rock legend Gram Parsons died of a drug overdose. They like to say that “his spirit lives on,” which could make for an interesting night.


New York City


Whoa! Talk about trading one mass of anxiety and angst for another! However, an escape to New York City has the added benefit of maybe being even more exciting than being home in L.A. If hiking through the Mojave Desert sounded boring to you, a trip to the Big Apple might be more your speed. You can observe first-hand what everybody is doing in the East Coast, and then you can come home and tell all your friends about it! Unfortunately, the rumors are true and New York can be a pricey trip if you are trying to live the high life for a week. You can use a credit card to earn points on purchases like food and hotels or apply for an installment loan to have some cash in your pocket before booking your flight. If you love art, the museums in New York will hypnotize you; if you love food & drink, the bars and restaurants in New York will spellbind you; if you love fashion, the shops in New York will bedazzle you.


Austin, Texas


Austin is basically the L.A. of Texas, so you’ll feel kind of like you’re at home yet… absolutely not. Austin is a city where there is plenty for an Angelino on a weekend getaway to do. Its official motto is: “Live Music Capital of the World” (unofficially, it’s “Keep Austin Weird”), so if you love music, you’re in luck. What about the food? Enjoy breakfast tacos (both invented and perfected a little further south in San Antonio, regardless of what the Austin locals claim), Tex-Mex, and barbeque. If you’re feeling frisky, you can rise at the crack of dawn and stand in line all day for Franklin’s Barbecue, said to be among the best food that exists in the world. (Remember, you only get an opinion if you’ve actually tasted it.) If you run into Matthew McConaughey while you’re in Austin, do be sure to say hi, won’t you? Alright alright alriiight.


Breckenridge, Colorado


In Southern California, we have a few snowy mountaintops nearby for fun in the powder, but a trip to a ski resort town is another adventure altogether. Unlike Austin and New York City, cannabis is as legal in Colorado as it is in California. Additionally, a major ski attraction like Breckenridge is a melting pot for ski fans from all over the world; after a day on the slopes, you’re likely to meet someone interesting at a restaurant. You can do a lifetime’s worth of winter gear shopping in the stores on Main Street, and the views are absolutely stunning. The downside is that you’ll have to fly in to a nearby airport – probably Denver – and get transportation to Breckenridge. 

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