Handling The Stress of the Holiday Season

Handling The Stress of the Holiday Season

The holidays bring out the best and worst in us. The stress of the holiday seasons weighs on many. The great things like good food surrounded by family make the season one of the best. We’ve got some of the best ways to bring the good and bad together.

Make Holiday Goodies Together

One of the most fun things to do during the holiday season is to make goodies with loved ones. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of cookies or stirring together some festive drinks, it’s always best when laughing and creating yummy things. Take some sugar free syrup and create a holiday hot chocolate, latte, or alcohol mixed drink. Get out the food coloring to mix together some crazy colors, and go for your best cookie icing design. No matter what you’re doing, it’s always fun to create holiday goodies together.

Take a Walk

The holidays are a tough time for many people to fit in a strict workout schedule. You don’t need to work out hard every day as long as you get moving. Beat stress by simply taking a 15-minute walk. Hit the pavement. Think as you walk. Iron out details of gift exchanges and dinner celebrations. A little workout will also help you face the extra calories from all the fruitcake and spirits you’ll be having throughout the season. You’ll be thankful mentally for the stress break and physically for the burned calories.

Potluck Holiday Dinner

Food is just the best during the holidays. People bring out their best dishes this one time of year. Get together with pals for a potluck holiday dinner. Have everyone bring their specialty so there’s nothing but amazing food on the table. Stress is thrown to the side as everyone laughs and talks throughout the meal. You also bring together people from all around so those that feel alone during the holidays feel like there’s a place at a table for them. The bonus is that all of the food is so yummy.

Drink Some Tea

Tea time equals stress-free time. Tea is great because you sip it slowly making yourself sit quietly for a period of time. Chamomile tea helps many people relax and have less anxiety. You may want to stray from tea with caffeine if it makes you feel jittery. Tea should be something that calms you allowing you a good night of rest.

Look at Lights

Putting yourself smack dab in the middle of the holiday insanity of looking at lights or looking at anything holiday-related might sound crazy, but it can actually help stress levels. Doing something mindless like staring at Christmas or holiday lights helps you get away from stress for that period of time. You just enjoy your surroundings for a little bit of time taking you away from the real world. You don’t have to think or do anything as long as you’re just enjoying the bright lights of the season.

Watch Holiday Movies

The best way to get away from the stress of the holidays is to dive into holiday movies. Whether you go classic or brand new, holiday movies pretty much all have the same plot with a happy ending. Movies provide an escape where you can snuggle under your blankets and get lost in another world. Be cautious that some of them bring happy tears, but it’ll leave you with a smile in the end. If you want to go a step further, pull out the old home videos and get a bit nostalgic.

Make and Drink Some Eggnog

It’s been a debate for years as to if eggnog is good or bad. Some hate it, some love it. Eggnog is a holiday staple. Get in the mood of the holiday season by making and drinking eggnog with your pals. It’s creamy and cozy leaving you with a happy heart and stomach full of the nog. It’s up to you if you add spirits to it or not. You could even have a little cookie baking competition as you sip the eggnog. The bonus is that making and drinking eggnog keeps you occupied and happy so you aren’t stressing over the holidays for that little period of time. Drink up!

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