Hat or No Hat This Spring: Trends To Consider

Hat or No Hat This Spring: Trends To Consider

The perfect hat can bring an outfit that is average to another level. With that being said picking the wrong hat can take your outfit to another level of bad or unstylish. The occasion makes a huge difference in what hat will be considered appropriate or not. The weather also has a huge impact on what headwear you will have on as springtime in different locations differs immensely depending on climate/length of weather. Having an honest friend to help you out with this can help an individual that might make some fashion mistakes. The following are hats to consider wearing this spring to expand your sense of style.


Snapback hats are a spring fashion favorite for many as it adds flair to an outfit that otherwise would have been plain. Spring is full of festivities that you will need to keep the sun out of your eyes. The fact that these hats are quite affordable helps with the case and can be ordered in nearly any color online makes it a fashion must. Those that fear that wearing a hat will make them too warm, the snapback is a cool alternative as it is lightweight.

Wool Caps

Wool caps are the perfect excuse to not have to fix up your hair and can be an option for those rushing out of the home. The drawback is these can get extremely warm so you might have to make the decision between sweating and unveiling your unkempt hair. Wool caps can be worn out during the day at a sporting event or during a casual cookout/party. This is not something that you would want to wear to a formal event so avoid this at all costs.


The beret can be popular within certain circles of people but it is also seen by many as one of the most pretentious things a person can wear. If your friends are critical of outfits this could lead to an entire day of being made fun of. A beret does take quite a bit of confidence to wear but for those that can pull it off it looks incredible. This is a hat that can be worn at an event that might be a bit nicer as long as it matches the outfit.


The fedora is much like the beret in the fact that a lot of people think that it is pretentious to wear unless in a group of hipsters. When people think of traditional coffee shop attire this comes to mind for many. Much like any other hats these hats come in all qualities and materials so make sure your material matches the weather outside. A suede hat worn on a hot day during spring might not be the best move when compared to another material with more ventilation.

Hats are in this spring so it is important to understand all of your options. You might find that a look you would have never considered helps accentuate all of your positive features. Take the time to try out each type of hat as you will never know if you do not try.

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