Healthy Eating With a Busy Lifestyle

Healthy Eating With a Busy Lifestyle

Are you working out and still having trouble keeping the pounds off? Maybe your eating habits at work and at home need a tweak. By avoiding crucial trouble spots, you can succeed in keeping weight off and staying healthy.

Start Out Strong

It really helps to set a good base for the day with a nutritious breakfast. This no-cook overnight oatmeal recipe is made in a mason jar the night before and can be modified with different fruit. This way breakfast is ready without any morning prep and is portable so you can take it with you. A balance of protein and carbohydrates is a great way to start the day whether it is with this oatmeal or a scrambled egg with whole grain toast.


Healthy snacking is great because it will help you avoid unhealthy cravings and low blood sugar. For mid-morning or afternoon snacks, fruit is a great choice. It provides something sweet, does not weigh you down, and is full of fiber and hydration as well as vitamins and minerals. Mixed nuts or a hard-boiled egg are good protein-rich choices that can satisfy when you are running from meeting to meeting.

Work Day Meals

Eating out for lunch can quickly bust an office workers budget as well as her waistline. It is a real challenge with a busy schedule to shoe horn lunch preparation into your morning schedule. The leftover as lunch is a classic standby that deserves renewed attention. If you make extra portions of your healthy dinner, not only can you can package one serving and put it in the refrigerator for the next day, you can put the rest in the freezer for other days. If you do this just a couple nights a week, you will always have a lunch available.

Working Out After Work

Lunchtime is long gone and you still want to put in a good workout at the gym before you go home for dinner. This is a prime point in the day when you are really tempted to hit the snack machine to satisfy a craving because you are going to burn it off at the gym, right? You need to pack additional healthy at work snacks, more than you think you will need so that you are assured that you can stave off late afternoon hunger healthily. If you do not have a healthy snack available, all bets are off about the snack machine.

On a Date

So you know that you will successfully navigate your restaurant date by ordering a salad. Salads are great, but is it one that has some protein in it as well? Just like breakfast, a mix of both protein and healthy carbs is best. Order a salad with a tofu, chicken, or fish protein for optimal nutrition. Beware of the hidden fat as well as sodium in some salad dressings.

Dinner at Home

When you are tired from work you want a meal that is quick to prepare. If it is healthy that is a plus. Fortunately, there are ways to combine quick and healthy at dinnertime. Keep convenience and health in full focus with this Tex Mex bean bowl recipe. It ditches the rice for extra nutritious quinoa and includes ultra-healthy cabbage that gives you almost half of your day’s requirement of folate.

Making a stir fry with convenient pre chopped vegetables and skinless chicken tenders is another convenient way to give you the healthy dinner you need and deserve. Go for a variety of colors with your vegetables and reap the benefits of a panorama of vitamins and minerals.

Entertaining on the Weekend

When you heat up the grill with friends on the weekend, roast some vegetables in a grill basket with some healthy olive oil for a quick side dish. A cold salad option is a great make ahead solution when having guests over. With delicious no cholesterol Just Mayo flavors like garlic, chipotle, and sriracha from Hampton Creek, you can whip up great healthy summer salad meals in a snap. They also make a cookie dough with no eggs and less sugar in the recipe for a healthier treat.

Eating less processed foods that are mostly prepared at home does not have to be a drain on your time. Applying strategies to put the priority on good food and avoid craving trouble spots can help you eat healthier and keep the pounds off.

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