Here are fashionable clothes up for rent!

Here are fashionable clothes up for rent!

You may be all too familiar with this situation: You are 15 and have been invited to the prom by a senior.

You may be all too familiar with this situation: You are 15 and have been invited to the prom by a senior. Technically if you are 15 and a sophomore, you can’t attend the prom, but there is an exception to be made if you are invited by someone who is eligible to attend. Since this is a major black tie event, you are excited. You want to wear that special ‘little black dress.’ However, when you surf the Internet for shops which sell those dresses online, you are nothing but discouraged because of their high price tags which you can’t afford! What are you to do? Well if you live in Brisbane, Australia you can find a dress for hire in Brisbane because the amazing store Style Theory rents a variety of amazing, high quality dresses for special events at low prices which anyone can afford!

The concept behind renting a dress

“Wait, you mean I can rent a dress!” Yes, that’s right, you can now rent dresses. While this is not a new concept, it is quickly becoming popular worldwide! The idea behind this concept is to allow people who otherwise would be compromised from attending major formal events like weddings, big parties (like the prom), and race day events. After all, you are ‘putting your best foot forward’ at these events and you want to stun the world with your looks because ‘the first impression is always the last one!’ Style Theory is one of the many stores in this world which is adopting this innovative idea.

Why Style Theory?

Style Theory gets it. You need a stylish dress for a one-time occasion at an affordable price. Since you don’t wear these types of dresses daily, the dress would simply gather dust in your closet since you would only wear it 2-3 times a year. You don’t have a high budget, so you want something that looks and feels very nice at a great price. They have come up with the concept of allowing you to browse for a dress you like online and then place an order to rent it online. One of our reps will deliver your favorite dress straight to your doorstep, allowing you to concentrate on looking good for the event and on impressing people on that special day! If you feel squeamish about having a dress which you have never tried on delivered directly to you, you can visit our store in Melbourne. We accept walk-ins and are open from Monday through Saturday.

Dress styles to choose from

We offer a wide variety of dresses to choose from in an unimaginable array of styles, and that’s just our online selection. Choose from flattering dresses which hug your cleavage and are longer. We also offer that little black dress and a variety of other smaller dresses in many styles and colors. If you are more of a slacks person, we also have business suits available for rent. When you want to attend that special, once in a lifetime event, looks are more than the clothes you wear. We get it and we offer an amazing array of accessories in the form of jewelry to choose from.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know that we are the best in terms of stylish clothing for rent, why don’t you rent that amazing dress online, or visit our store in person today!

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