Here Is Some of the Best Tech for New Moms

Here Is Some of the Best Tech for New Moms

Being a mom is hard work with no pay, no benefits, and little thanks. It is mostly spent with another human that will not remember all those wonderful things you did for them by the time they reach 16. It is a good thing moms don’t do it for the thanks, or the benefits.

That doesn’t mean they have to do it like their mothers before them. There are a number of new tools that make the job a lot… well, a little easier. You don’t have to churn butter anymore to enjoy a great piece of toast. And you don’t have to go back to the stone ages when it comes to raising your new baby.

One of the best new technologies for mothers suffering from postpartum depression is a postpartum depression treatment known as TMS. It a non-invasive treatment for medication resistant depression that can fit into a busy schedule. Ask your doctor about more information to see if TMS is right for you. Beyond cutting-edge treatment for depression, here are some other great tech items for new moms:

A Humidifier

You can’t learn everything you need to know about pregnancy in one go. There will be things that even the best guides leave out. One great tip you might not have heard is to get a good air humidifier before you bring your new baby home.

Your baby’s skin will be very sensitive to dry climates. As a result, they are more susceptible to skin irritation. Babies cry a lot with a noise that goes right through to a mother’s soul. You are seldom sure what the crying is about. By eliminating dry skin, you will eliminate at least one of possible reason.

Monitors and Cameras

Baby monitors have been around for a long time. You put them on or near the crib and while you are in another room, you can hear what is going on with your baby. These days, baby monitors have a video components so you can see what is happening at all times. You will not be able to hold your baby 24hr. a day. There will be times when you have to put the baby down and be someplace else. Few things soothe a new mom’s nerves like a baby monitor.

Of course, there are other things that keep your nerves on edge like security. Nothing heightens home security concerns like the addition of a new member of the family. Fortunately, security cameras are easy to install and inexpensive to own. Put your mind at ease with cameras and baby monitors you can use from your smartphone.

Home Automation

Home automation seems a little silly until it doesn’t. It is trivially easy to just get up and flip the light switch when you want to turn it on or off, that is, until you have a baby in your arms that just went to sleep. Suddenly, it makes perfect sense to have a way to do it from your phone without getting up and disturbing the baby.

Some of the best home automation tech would make a lot more sense if it were marketed to moms instead of geeks. If you are carrying three full bags of groceries, a baby bag, and a baby, a smart lock that opens the door without you having to fish out a key is a priceless addition to the home. Make your home a smart home. And make your life a little easier.


This falls in the category of, where has this been all my life! You can actually buy your baby a pacifier that from the baby’s perspective, is a regular pacifier. From your perspective, it is a lifesaver. The pacifier constantly displays the temperature so you can always know if that crying is due to a fever, or just due to her favorite football team losing. Hint: It’s probably the fever.

No technology will ever make being a new mom easy. But there is plenty of tech that makes it a lot less difficult. Go for the humidifier, the cameras, the pacifier thermometer, and all the home automation tech you can get. None of the items are expensive or difficult to use, and can relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety of being a new mother. 


Don’t Follow the Kooks

Let’s face it: Kook science is, and always has been a thing. This is especially true in the health and nutrition category. Steve Jobs is a cautionary tale. He had a very survivable form of cancer and might yet be alive had he not listened to the questionable advice of discredited physicians.

It is not always easy to tell who is a kook. We all get taken in from time to time. But in general, be aware of obvious biases in the person presenting the information. If someone who has a successful farm offers the medical opinion that we should only eat a diet of tomatoes, he is probably a kook.

If the information is too idiosyncratic and is not seconded by reliable sources, be wary of that opinion. If the advice comes from someone with questionable credentials, or only does television shows but does not have a real practice, be careful. If the person seems legitimate, but has decidedly kooky ideas in other areas, find a second opinion.

Kooks come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes with terminal degrees. We will not survive the pandemic without the best and most accurate information. When it comes to your health, follow your doctor. Follow the science. And whatever you do, don’t follow the kooks. 

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