How Can You Keep Hair In Place When In A Convertible Car?

How Can You Keep Hair In Place When In A Convertible Car?

Most people agree that riding in convertible cars can be incredibly exciting and thrilling. We often see characters in movies that ride along highways with every single hair in its proper place. This is what we expect but when you first ride in a convertible and you reach high speed, you quickly figure out that those Hollywood celebrities know something you do not.

Women with longer hair have problems in convertibles because hair blows right in the face and then moves on to all other directions. Pickering Auto Parts highlights that this is highly dangerous as it blocks the view when you drive. At the same time, it can be pretty painful as hair keeps hitting your face.

Fortunately, your hair can be kept in place in a convertible. You just need to choose one of the techniques highlighted below. They can all make convertible riding much more pleasant.

Tips To Keep Your Hair In Place In Convertibles:

  • Use A Scarf

Take a silk scarf or one that is made out of a thinner material. You need one that is of a rectangle or large square shape. Fold it to form a simple triangle. Then, put the scarf right on your head, with the flat triangle part up, aligned with forehead. The two longer ends are then held by both hands. Take the ends right towards the back and then under the hair. Pull the ends and tie them in the back with a secured knot.

If you want to get a more sophisticated look, take a longer scarf so you can leave ends as loose as possible.

  • Use A Rubber Band

Gather all your hair in a hand right at the back of a head. Then, take a rubber band and pull the hair through it. Do it at least 2 times in order to tightly secure the hair. Remember that although you have hair that is secured in a lovely ponytail, the hair can still end up right in your eyes and face, especially when really long. This is why you can easily create a bun. Do this by putting the hair in the ponytail and then wrapping it circularly around your rubber band. Secure hair end by simply pushing it right under rubber bands after wrapping everything around it.

Whenever you want to get a much stronger hold, you can use bobby pins. All you have to do is push them through the new bun and then equally secure angles.

Final Thoughts

Remember that when you ride in a convertible everything is about having a lot of fun. However, this does not mean that you cannot look stylish while doing it. Use the options mentioned above and then add a lovely pair of sunglasses. This instantly adds style and protects the eyes, which is something many forget as they ride faced with strong winds. Obviously, what you wear is all up to you and should not actually have an impact on your convertible experience.

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