How to Care for Your Luxury Watch

How to Care for Your Luxury Watch

Watches are items that can be relied on to pull a whole outfit together and give it a touch of class and sparkle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a formal occasion, in the office or performing casual tasks on your day off, the right watch will make your outfit pop. A luxury watch is a lifetime investment, and this means that the watch must be properly cared for. If you maintain your timepiece correctly, it will look as good as the day you bought it, 20 or 30 years in the future.


Cleaning Your Watch

Think about your timepiece as an item of fine jewellery. Both Swiss-made classic watches like Omega and Tag Heur, and fashionable offerings from designers like Michael Kors must be cleaned with care. At the end of the day, remember to wipe the fingerprints and smudges from the surface of your watch with a lint-free cloth. For most cleaning, you should use a soft, damp cloth on metal and avoid using hot water even if your watch is water-resistant. Don’t get leather straps wet at all, as this can damage their appearance. Instead, use a leather cleaner and conditioner. Diamond embellishments on watches can be scrubbed very gently with a soapy brush.

Keeping Your Watch Safe

It’s always worth insuring a luxury watch. If it becomes damaged or gets stolen, you will be glad of the insurance policy. Unless your watch is specifically designed for sporting activities, make sure that you take it off when playing sport. Avoid exposing your timepiece to excessive heat. This means taking it off in the sauna or steam room, and not leaving it out in strong sunlight. Luxury watches often come with their own high-quality boxes. They should be store on soft cushions that support the strap and prevent it from folding over. If your watch has a leather strap, make sure that it is kept away from dampness and sources of moisture.

Ask the Experts

It’s important to take your watch to a reputable jewellers every three to four years. A professional will be able to fine tune both automatic and mechanical movements within the watch and can change your quartz battery. If you’re concerned about the condition or functioning of the watch, it’s advisable that you take it in sooner. Watches can be very sensitive, so make sure that you have the routine maintenance performed on schedule. This will ensure that no unforeseen problems arise and the timepiece remains accurate.


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