How to Cosy in for a Movie Night with Your Friends 

How to Cosy in for a Movie Night with Your Friends 

No matter the chosen genre, cosying in for a movie night with your friends should be exciting. Paying attention to the small details will ensure movie night is an event that everyone looks forward to, in spite of its simplicity. To give you some inspiration, Chi Chi London have put together some top tips that will help you host an unforgettable movie night.


Choose the movie in advance 


You know how it is – you load up Netflix to find something fresh, only to spend an hour scrolling through the movies section before settling on something you’ve seen a million times already! To prevent your movie night from getting off to the worst possible start, we’d suggest selecting the movie before your guests arrive. If you want to be diplomatic about it, drop some suggestions in your group chat or set a poll on social media to get their input before the night in question. The bottom line is that the sooner you pick the film, the more time you have to plan for the theme of the night!


Create an appropriate atmosphere 


As you carefully plan your movie night, creating an appropriate atmosphere should be one of your most important considerations. Tuning into a Christmas movie? Bedeck the room with festive decorations to create the perfect atmosphere for a winter film. If you’ve dedicated the night to a chick-flick series, make the decor as girly as possible! Don’t forget to also think carefully about the location of your movie. If the weather permits and you have the means, venturing outside for a movie under the stars adds an element of excitement to the evening.


Get the refreshments in order 


The best part of any movie night is the snacks and drinks selections you put on for your guests. To ensure everyone is in the right mood, set up a refreshment station close by, so your friends can dip into snacks as and when they please. While popcorn is non-negotiable, consider going all out by adding hot dogs, pizzas, nachos, and dips. You might want to include a healthy fruit, veggie, or hummus option to keep all your guests happy.


Snuggle up 


As the rain patters against the windows, few things are as comforting as snuggling up under a blanket watching a classic movie. Of course, it’s impossible to control the weather, but you can control your comfort levels! Play it safe with far too many blankets and lots of snug cushions that you can sink yourself into, and your friends won’t want to leave! Our loungewear collection is replete with a colourful array of indoor clothing, which is perfect for those nights when you’re chilling out with your mates watching your favourite movie.

With delightful three-piece loungewear sets in pastel tones and neutral coloured roll neck jumpers, our loungewear collection was made for those comforting nights in with your friends. Be sure to check out our entire range so you can prepare for your movie night in style.


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