How to Create a Unique Interior Design

How to Create a Unique Interior Design

Everyone wants to live a distinctive home that accurately expresses their personality and good taste.

Yet, many people often rely on interior design magazines and celebrity home trends when putting their stamp on their property, which can lead to every home in a neighborhood replicating the same décor.

If you want to impress every single guest who steps foot inside your property, you shouldn’t be afraid to have some fun with your home’s style. Find out how to create a unique interior design in 2019.

Pick Artwork That Reflects Your Personality

Never pick a work of art because it looks great in a showroom or complements your sofa or cushions.

Instead, you must select artwork that generates a positive emotion inside of you, which will showcase your personality and exceptional taste.

It can also trigger feelings in your guests each time they enter the space, which could make your home appear 100% original and stylish.

Add a Little Retro

If you long for the days when Frankie told you to relax, or you still believe shoulder pads and spandex have a firm place in fashion, you shouldn’t be afraid to add some retro pieces into your interior.

Not only will they reflect your personality, but they can also become a focal point inside your living room, kitchen, or dining room.

For example, you can guarantee a vintage style radio, such as an 80s boombox, will grab your guests’ attention.

The rare object will provide your friends and relatives with a blast from the past and can make your house feel more like a beautiful home.

Decorate with Your Existing Belongings

Rather than heading straight to a store to decorate your interior, use the many possessions you already have to add style and character into a space.

For example, you could use small, rustic wooden crates as a cool shelf to hang plants, books or ornaments, or you could upcycle a stained wooden pallet into an eye-catching coffee table.

A little creativity could help you to turn an unwanted possession into an impressive focal point that will improve the look and feel of a room.

Showcase Your Passions

Everyone will have a hobby or passion they can proudly put on display.

For example, if you can play a musical instrument, such as the violin or guitar, invest in a stand to showcase your talent to your guests.

If, however, you have a love for theater, you could frame your favorite Playbills and hang them in your hallway, living room, or bathroom, which could become a great conversation starter.


If you want to create a unique and authentic home, you must ditch the fleeting interior design trends and aim to develop a décor that expresses your personality each day.

So, incorporate your hobbies to showcase your passions, add a retro piece to create an individual interior, and choose a work of art that reflects your taste.

It will ensure your guests remember your home long after their visit.

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