How to give your bedroom a spring makeover

How to give your bedroom a spring makeover

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so what could be better than treating your beloved bedroom to a seasonal makeover? It’s your place of rest and (unless your children follow you in there too) a sanctuary from the pressures of home, the workplace and the rest of the world.

So, if you’d like to give your bedroom a bit of a facelift in time for lighter mornings, budding flowers and tweeting birds, here’s how to do it…

Spring clean

You couldn’t have a spring makeover without a good spring clean to kick things off, so set aside a couple of hours to really ‘blitz’ your bedroom. Pull furniture away from the walls and move it around the room as you vacuum, dust and mop every surface. Get right into the skirting boards, and even consider wiping the walls down with a damp cloth too.

Throw open the windows and leave the room to air for 24 hours… you’ll be able to smell spring when you step inside with all the cobwebs from winter blown away. If you want to do a deeper spring clean than this, here are some tips on the Huffington Post that will take you an entire weekend to work through.

Paint the walls in a refreshing colour

You can skip this step if you’re happy with the colour of your walls already, but if magnolia looks downright boring or the navy blue you used to like is no longer all that appealing, get decorating. You can’t go wrong with a lick of plain white paint: you’ll brighten up the room and bounce around all that lovely spring sunshine. And, even on a grey day, you’ll find your bedroom is a serene environment to wake up in. Just make sure you pick a hue of white paint with the right undertone.

Ditch your old mattress

Is there a better time than spring to go out with the old and in with the new? We think not. If your mattress has seen better days, now’s the right time to invest in something that’s truly comfortable: after all, you’re spending hours in your bed every night! Have a look online for the best deal, trying somewhere popular like Divan Beds Centre. You could also treat yourself to a new bed base or headboard while you’re at it, going for a completely new look.

Let the light in

The arrival of spring means gorgeous morning sunshine and longer evenings, so why not make the most of it by removing those heavy window dressings? Ditch the curtains in favour of a black out blind you can roll up during the day. Or, if you really want to keep curtains, make sure they’re long enough to pool on the floor (they’ll look more luxurious that way), and consider hanging a pair that are lightweight for a sheer effect like this.

Introduce florals (or better yet, real flowers)

Florals are always associated with spring as bluebells appear, daffodils unfurl and the trees begin to sprout new leaves. If you’d like to bring nature into your home, consider adding a feminine duvet set with a subtle floral print, or simply hang a floral-print dressing gown from the hook on your bedroom door; these are all nods to florals without going overboard! Or, if you love flowers, treat yourself to a bunch from the local farmer’s market and display them somewhere in your room – they’ll smell wonderful and make a cheerful, colourful addition to any interior.

Add some lightweight cushions and throws

If you liked your bedroom being extra snuggly in winter, you probably had a wool throw across your bed, and perhaps a faux fur cushion or two. But, spring calls for lighter fabrics and lighter colours, too. So, why not invest in cotton or linen throws and cushions in pale pinks, greys and light blues? You could even add pastel yellow for a classic springtime combination, opting for soft silk and velvet for a little luxury.

Light a scented candle

Finally, it might not be warm enough to leave the windows open just yet, so light a scented candle instead. Lavender scents will smell fresh and relaxing and have you dreaming of long, lazy summer afternoons and picnics in the park.

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