How To Have Better Workouts As A Couple

How To Have Better Workouts As A Couple

There are many benefits to working out as a couple. It’s an excellent way to spend more quality time together, and you’ll likely find yourselves happier in your relationship.

Exercise is a great mood booster, and you might find that you become more attracted to the other person as you each become fitter over time. You may not be getting the most out of your current workouts for any number of reasons. Fortunately, there are several actions that you can put into place in order to help you have better workouts as a couple, while both achieving your goals and having fun.

Pick Activities That You Both Enjoy

You may not enjoy yourself as much if the same person always chooses the workout routine, or if it’s too complicated for one of you. Therefore, choose activities that you can both take part in. There are so many options out there that you shouldn’t limit yourselves, and you should try to mix it up regularly. For example, a few ideas include:

  • Spin classes
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Weight lifting

Be open to new experiences and suggestions, and don’t dismiss a particular workout idea until you’ve tried it. You may find that each of you discovers new activities that you’ve never considered trying before you took a chance with your partner.

Invest In The Right Clothing And Equipment

Your workouts will be a lot more productive when you’re wearing the right type of clothing and have the proper equipment. For example, your wife or girlfriend will want to have the correct size of sports bra for jumping and moving around. As a guy, you’ll want to invest in lightweight clothing that breathes easy and repeals sweat. Also, if you’re working out at home a lot, then it may be worth purchasing fitness equipment that you can use to improve your workouts and help keep them fresh.

Be Supportive

The worst thing that you can do as a couple working out together is to be negative or demeaning toward the other person. You’ll have much better workouts—and be able to gain muscle and lose unwanted pounds—when you’re supportive of one another. Cheer each other on and be there to motivate your partner when they’re feeling low in energy or when they’re not motivated to work out. Avoid acting like each other’s personal trainer, and instead help each other to succeed. You don’t want to appear to be critical and rude, so tread lightly. Treat it like a date, and connect and stay engaged with each other as you exercise instead of putting on your headphones. There’s no need to try to keep up with each other just because you’re working out together. Go at your own pace and do the best that you can during each exercise.


These are a few ways in which you can have better and more productive workouts as a couple. Most importantly, enjoy your time together and the chance to connect on a new level. Encourage each other when you’re exercising, and be proud of your partner for wanting to get into better shape.

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