How to keep your sofa looking smart

How to keep your sofa looking smart

The feeling of sitting on your brand new sofa in your very own home for the first time is one that takes some beating. But how do you keep that gorgeous and comfortable sofa looking and feeling great for many years to come? All it needs is a little maintenance and care a couple of days a month – it really is that easy. The bespoke furniture experts James and Rose are here to tell you more.

1. Plumping

Cushions are soft, not made from concrete, so it makes sense that they require regular fluffing to maintain their ideal shape. Plumping involves reworking, poking, kneading and punching the cushions until the shape refreshes and looks normal again.

Softer and squishier cushions will take a little more plumping – so work that elbow grease – while firmer cushions will be a little easier to maintain. Try to fluff every few days or at the very least once a week.

2. Flipping

Aim to flip your sofa and armchair cushions approximately every two weeks. Not only will this help to maintain their shape, it also ensures they wear more evenly. As well as doing the seating cushions, don’t forget the back ones as well, as they get their own fair share of use.

If the back cushions of your sofa are attached, this can make things a little trickier but it can still be done. Search for a zipper, remove the innards, turn over and then reinsert. This requires a little more effort but we promise it’s worth it.

3. Hoovering

It’s easy to spot dust on your coffee table or television stand, but it blends in all too easily when it comes to upholstery. Though you may not be able to spot it, your sofa and upholstery needs just as much hoovering as the floor you walk on.

Although it may seem harmless, dust can get forced down in between the fibres of your sofa as you sit on it. This acts almost like sandpaper and causes the fabric to wear out quicker.

But never fear, it can be prevented. Everytime you whip out the hoover for a once-over around the living room, remember to give your sofa a little TLC too. Do both the top of the cushions and underneath as crumbs and other bits have a tendency to find their way down the crevices.

4. Cleaning

Sometimes spills and messes do happen – we’re only human, after all – but don’t despair. Make sure you blot any liquid spills straight away with a clean and folded towel. Never rub, always blot. If your sofa has been treated with a fabric protector, this will likely be enough to get rid of the stain completely.

If it’s proving to be stubborn, make sure you check the manufacturer’s instruction booklet before taking any kind of cleaner to its surface. The last thing you want is to damage the sofa when you’re trying to clean it.

5. Protecting

Too much direct sunlight shining on your sofa can cause the colour of the fabric to fade and, if it’s particularly strong, it can even start to fray. So try to find a spot for your sofa where it isn’t sitting in the sun for too long.

Don’t underestimate the power of the air around you, too. Pollutants such as cigarette smoke and cooking fumes are easily absorbed into upholstery, so make sure your home is properly ventilated.

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