How to Pick the Best Scent for You

How to Pick the Best Scent for You

A signature scent can be an extremely difficult thing to track down. Some women don’t even settle on one; instead choosing from a variety of different fragrances depending on their outfit of choice of the day. If you are looking for the perfect one, or are looking for a great first pick, here are some tips to get you started.

Start with Your Favourites

What are your favourite scents? This might be the easiest place for you to get started. Think about what you want from a perfume and try to find ones that fit that. If you like roses, a rose-scented perfume might be a great place to start. The same could be said for other flowers, or for vanilla scents.

Another great place to start is the scents you use in your bath products or what you prefer for a scented candle. Any of these will give you some ideas about which scents you might be drawn to. Choosing to shop women’s perfume online will give you a clear indication of all the different types of perfume available for you to browse and buy!

Think About Your Image

You can also take cues from your dress sense about which scents might be best for you. If you like lighter colours and softer fabrics, you might gravitate towards floral scents. If you have a grungier aesthetic, something slightly woodier and muskier might be more up your street.

Think about how you wish other people to view you and think about a scent to go with it. You don’t want to confuse people by presenting them with a scent which does not match your outward appearance.

Give It Time

Most people pick a perfume based around the first sniff they get straight from the bottle. However, this is not the correct way to pick a perfume. You need to give it a little more time to see how it develops.

Every perfume has three stages of scent; referred to by perfumiers as notes. The top notes are what you smell immediately when spraying, the scents most people will smell before deciding if they like the perfume enough to buy. Middle notes emerge after these top notes have dissipated and tend to form the main heart of the perfume. You are then left with the base notes; the strongest scents which tend to be very deep and long-lasting.

Try It on Your Skin

One perfume might smell amazing on one person only to smell awful on another. It may also last for hours on one but need a lot of reapplication on someone else. For both of these reasons, you need to try a wear test of the perfume to see if it is compatible with your body. The ideal perfume will not overpower your natural scent, it will envelop it and compliment it instead.

Finding your signature scent can take time but it will be worth it. The right perfume for you is out there and it will make you feel amazing every time you step out of the door wearing it.

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