How to Plan the Perfect Beauty Themed Bachelorette Party

How to Plan the Perfect Beauty Themed Bachelorette Party

Every bride needs to have a bachelorette party before she dances down the aisle. Traditionally, it is the job of the chief bridesmaid to organize the bachelorette party, so if you are tasked with the job of planning an awesome night for your best friend, here are some tips.


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Beauty themed bachelorette parties are very popular. Spending an evening or weekend beautifying yourself and everyone else in the room with face masks and other pamper accessories is a uniquely feminine activity. Most ladies love it, so unless your bride is the type who prefers going hiking or jumping out of planes, she’s bound to appreciate a pamper party for her last night of freedom. So what do you need to make sure the party is a huge success?

Cocktails and Wine

It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without some alcohol. Not everyone will want to drink, but for those that do, make sure you provide a good supply of alcoholic beverages. Cocktails are fun, especially if you have a go at mixing your own. The non-drinkers can have their own alcohol-free ‘mocktails’, too, which look just as good but don’t cause a hangover. Wine is a good staple, too. Cover all tastes with a few bottles of red, white, and rose wine.

Beauty Treatments

You may be lucky enough to have been blessed by nature, but most women can benefit from a few anti-aging beauty treatments. Choose a selection of face masks and skin scrubs to suit all complexions. Buy in branded products or have fun making your own from natural ingredients such as oatmeal, yoghurt and avocado.

Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure and pedicure should definitely be part of your pamper party. Provide individual bowls for the guests to soak their hands and feet in warm water before the manicure and pedicure. Once nails have been filed and cuticles curtailed, apply nail polish and bring those nails to life.

Hair Styles and Makeup

If you enjoy experimenting with new hairstyles, now is a great time. Let everyone have fun creating new hairstyles on each other. Use hair curlers or attach funky hair extensions. YouTube is a good place to find hair style tutorials. Go online and you can learn how to French braid in less than ten minutes.

Hot Tub Fun

Hot tubs are fun, even on a cool night. Hire a hot tub and set it up outdoors. Larger hot tubs can easily accommodate up to seven people, which should be fine for a smaller bachelorette party, but if you have more guests, hire two hot tubs!

Party Entertainment

Your guests will expect some kind of entertainment, even if it is a selection of rom-com DVDs. However, if you want to take your bachelorette party to the next level, you should consider hiring a naked (and totally hot) waiter to serve the guests tasty snacks.

Follow the tips above and your bachelorette party will be truly awesome, but don’t forget to check with the bride, just in case she has any strong preferences on what not to do. It is her night after all.

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