How to relocate your home on a budget

How to relocate your home on a budget

Moving home can be one of the most expensive and stressful times of your life. It is, therefore, a good idea that you plan your move well, save money where you can and try your utmost to keep everyone calm, well-watered, and full, as this will keep sugar levels balanced and, hopefully, tempers calmed.

Sell the items you do not need

When you are relocating your home on a budget, it is important to make sure that you are only paying for the items that you need to be shipped to your new address. This means that it is the ideal opportunity to go through your possessions and sell, give away, or throw away anything that you do not want in your new home.

Ask friends and family to help

In order to save on moving costs, you could always ask friends and family to help out with your move, even if it is just by ferrying one carload of items to your new home. Alternatively, you could find that hiring the services of a man with a van or putting your larger items up on a load board could be cheaper than getting a removal company in to carry out your whole move for you.

Keep your pets safe

While you are moving, it is important to keep your pets safe. Obviously, you are going to want to have them with you, but in some circumstances, this is not possible, and you may very well have your vehicle absolutely chock-a-block with your valuables or breakables that there is no room for your pets as well. Indeed, while the rest of your household is being taken to your new address by pallet shipping, getting your family pet from A to B can be easily taken care of too in a similar way, and that is by using a company fully experienced in pet travel.

Pack essentials separately

In order to keep costs down, it is a good idea to pack all your essentials into one bag and keep that with you. This bag should contain all of your overnight items as well as some bedding for the bed, your toiletries, and a change of clothing. This is so that you do not have to rush out and buy any of these items that you will require for the next day, as it can be a tiresome job to have to unpack all your boxes to find just one item that is bound to be in the last box that you look in.

Have your food prepared

With this in mind, you will also want to have some food prepared so that you do not have to cook the first evening in your new home and that you are not tempted to blow your weekly food budget on takeout or meals in a local restaurant.

You should also make sure that you have plenty of drinks available and snacks for your journey as moving home is a stressful pastime. Making sure that you are fully hydrated along with those that are with you and that you are getting enough to eat will curve any arguments or heated disagreements that could get out of hand when there are headaches due to lack of fluid or empty tummies.


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