How to Sell an Old Car for Scrap and Get the Most Cash

How to Sell an Old Car for Scrap and Get the Most Cash

Selling old cars for parts or scrap to a company or garage that pays cash for vehicle salvages is always a great way for you to realize some of its value. The salvage lots will in many cases sell the parts they get from your vehicle to repair shops or other vehicle owners for money.


It is the reason why they will be willing to purchase your junk car in the first place. But before you offload it, confirm that you are getting the most value from the machine. The following are tips on how to get rid of your unwanted car and get some cash:


1. Establish Ownership


Before you consider your car recycling options, make sure that you have obtained its title. This applies to vehicle owners who do not have the title at the moment. Salvage yards and scrap yards cannot buy a vehicle from a person who does not possess the vehicle title. This means that you have no option but to establish its ownership before you can approach any of the businesses dealing with the purchase of junk cars.


2. Assess Its Value


Take your time to assess the damage presently on the vehicle. Damage assessment helps you to get a clear value. It is necessary to make sure that you are armed with all the information pertinent to its current condition. When shopping around for a buyer, you will need to answer several questions about your vehicle.


Some of the questions will revolve around the damage that the car has, whether it runs, what went wrong with it, etc. If you can, you should consider repairing some of the damage present to the vehicle. Try and make it roadworthy again.


When it comes to cash for old cars, you will find that vehicles that run tend to be more valuable compared to those that do not. The junkyards may in some cases offer a free car removal service.

3. Obtain the Prices


Make a call to all the junkyards located in your vicinity. You can also place a call to those in nearby towns or cities. Enquire about the prices, and be sure to also ask whether the junkyards provide free car removal services.


This type of inquiry may expose you to substantially different prices. It may also mean that you have to make a long drive for you to make the extra money that you need. There are yards that will not pay a dime for cars that they have to come and pickup.


Others, on the other hand, may pay a substantial amount depending on the model of your car, and the problems that it may be experiencing. Therefore, it would be best for you to consider calling various junkyards to get their pricing information.


Preparing a list containing all the damages present on your vehicle may help make the process proceed at a much faster pace.


4. Deliver the Vehicle


Once you have obtained the prices, choose the one that works best for you and deliver the vehicle to the junkyard. Where possible, drive or tow the car yourself. As mentioned earlier, many scrap yards will pay more for cars that they do not have to come and collect.


The logic here is that the yards will get to save money and time by having you deliver the automobile. Be sure to carry the title when delivering it.

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