How to stay lovers while raising children

How to stay lovers while raising children

You fell madly in love with your significant other. As time passed you realized they’re the one you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. You began to plan for a future together, move in, and get married. Eventually, children came into the mix– or maybe you’re planning for them to be soon! 


Bottom line, continuing to foster love and remaining in a healthy relationship is extremely important. When children are young they are very observant. By making your relationship a priority, you are creating a great example for your kids. Kids function the best if their parents are in a healthy relationship. However, between work and now children, it can be challenging to make your partner a priority and foster that love and passion that was present in the beginning. We’re here to give you some tips to do just that!


Create date nights 


It is crucial to plan date nights every time you have the chance. We recommend planning one every weekend, if not at least once a month. If you live together, it can seem like you already spend enough time with them. However, this time may not be quality time! By dedicating uninterrupted time to your husband or wife, you are ensuring that you are nurturing your marriage. 


Date night doesn’t have to mean an expensive dinner and movie. It can be something as simple as going on a hike together or trying something new like surfing. Depending on what you like as a couple, simply getting out of the house and spending time together is enough to create a positive experience. 


Remain on the same page 


Disagreements are bound to happen, especially with kids! That is why it is important to communicate and discuss how you will handle a situation before lashing out. With parenting comes issues you may not always agree on. For example, if your child was bullied at school, one of you may feel you need to address it with their teacher immediately, while the other might want to let it go. Or maybe, your child won’t stop their bad habits like sucking their thumb. One of you wants to buy a thumb sucking appliance while the other completely disagrees. Point is, you will need to compromise sometimes and decide what’s best for your family. Taking a few minutes to chat in private will be beneficial to the both of you. 


Create little reminders that you’re thinking of them


Life gets busy, but it’s the little things right? By developing open communication, you will remind your lover that you’re always there. Something as simple as shooting them a sweet text message while they’re at work or calling them to tell them you love them, maye make their day. Small gestures like purchasing flowers, or buying them their favorite chocolate bar will make them feel good. Oftentimes, it’s not about the gift or transactional item, it’s about letting them know that you were thinking about them at that moment. 


Travel and Adventure together 


Experiencing a new place together can be magical. According to a recent survey, 63% of couples agreed that traveling together helped them stay together. This proves that traveling positively affects a relationship. Obviously, if you travel, you may have trains catch, flights to book, and directions to learn. This can improve your communication and allow you to be more patient with your significant other.  Not only that, but you will be creating new memories together. Make sure to take lots of pictures and save them forever. One of the best parts of vacation and travel is that you get to live in the moment more. Traveling is a great place to try something new and test your limits. By doing so with someone you love and trust, your relationship will improve. Think about all the new activities you can do like scuba diving, hiking, or skiing. Adventuring will further support your bond!


Have a weekly update 


Does your husband feel a bit more irritable after work? You should always find time to listen to your best friend when they’re feeling down. Taking a moment to check in each week, or at the end of each day is important for your relationship! After all, you want to remain close and confide in your partner.

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