How To Style Hoop Earrings for Fall

How To Style Hoop Earrings for Fall

Trends come and go, but one jewelry staple always remains in style: Hoop earrings. Hoops are a timeless classic that can vamp up outfits from every season and every aesthetic. Whether you like big hoops, small hoops, gold hoops, or silver, there are endless ways to create the perfect pairing. As the crisp, cold weather moves in and people begin to pull their sweaters out of hiding, you may be wondering how to take your favorite accessory into fall.

Small Hoops


When you imagine dainty, delicate jewelry items, the chances are high that small hoop earrings immediately cross your mind. For many, small hoops were the very first jewelry item they ever owned. Small hoops are perfect for those days that you need a little more sparkle than studs can manage. They are lightweight and elegant, making them a versatile staple for every outfit from business casual to black-tie attire.

This fall, pair some dainty hoops with your favorite turtleneck. They will add a touch of shine to your outfit without cluttering the space around your neck and décolletage. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your dangly earrings getting caught on thicker knit sweaters.

Medium Hoop


When in doubt, grab a pair of medium hoops. Their mid-size beauty can add an extra bit of extravagance to even the drabbest of outfits. Medium hoops have a more comprehensive selection of designs to choose from since there is more space to work with. With jewelry brands like Kendra Scott, you can even find mixed-media medium hoops.

They have the usual precious metals: yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. However, you can also find woven fabrics, gemstones, cutout designs, and beaded hoops. Fall fashion tip: pair some eye-catching medium-sized hoops with a sweater dress and some thigh-high boots.

Large Hoops


You know what they say, go big or go home. Big hoops have had their fair share of coming and going out of style over the last few years. Nevertheless, the majority of trends today seem to be revamping 90’s and early 2,000’s couture, making it the prime time to snag a large pair of hoops for your collection.

Large hoops pair well with casual clothing but have the potential to make a dressier outfit more memorable. A favorite fall pairing for large hoops: off-the-shoulder sweaters. Big hoops tend to look clunky when there’s too much going on up top. Off-the-shoulder tops do an excellent job of combatting this fashion faux pas.


Like stackable rings, some hoops are just better together. Try pairing a tiny pair of gold hoops with some medium, thick-band gold hoops for a boho look. Those who have multiple earring holes in each ear have the advantage of mixing and matching styles to show off their creativity. If you’ve been a single-pair earring wearer all this time, consider getting another set of holes this fall! Imagine how cute your Halloween pumpkin studs would look with a small pair of hoops to compliment them. Adorable!

In modern times, fashion changes fast. These ever-changing conditions have challenged designers to be more creative than ever before. Luckily, this means you don’t have to shop around as much for variety. Try visiting Kendra Scott’s website for a brand that has a collection as unique as you are. You can find statement pieces, fine jewelry, and fun at a price that won’t break the bank but also won’t end up turning your skin green. Fast fashion contributes to a lot of the pollution in the world. One way to do your part in breaking the cycle is to shop with reputable brands.

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