How to Take Care of Your Balayage Hair like a Professional

How to Take Care of Your Balayage Hair like a Professional

Being creative with your hair is one of the smart roads to a new look. Balayage gives your hair a full texture and brings out the dancing effect of sun rays. The biggest difference between balayage and highlights is in the way they are applied and the final look. Highlights will give you a few colours in an aligned manner whereas balayage blends entirely with the base colour. Generally, if you are new to adding colour to your hair, balayage is usually the best way to get fancy given that it also does not require a lot of maintenance.


Colour can weaken your hair especially if your hair already has a history of breakages. With this in mind, it is important to know how to take care of your balayage. A few balayage hairdressers will always advise on the best way to pay attention to the hair after you have used their services. Here are five tips to get you started.


Choose Experienced Balayage Hairdressers


With every experiment you choose to have on your hair, you need the right hands and minds at your service. Balayage requires a hairdresser to work it in with their hands. The technique requires someone knowledgable so that the outcome is amazing. Also, you need someone who will direct you about which balayage package to go with, depending on the health of your hair and your desired outcome.


Avoid Overwashing your Hair



As much as you still want to keep your hair clean, you also don’t want to make your balayage’s toner to wear off too soon. A quick wash is good, and it does not have to be daily; twice or thrice a week is okay. Avoid keeping your hair wet after washing as well. Dry shampoo should be the best pick within the period you have your balayage on. Also, try as much as possible to use organic shampoos instead of adding chemicals to your hair.


Keep off Chlorine


If the water you use at home is treated with chlorine, this is the time to look for other sources of the fluid for washing your balayage. Also, avoid swimming pools that use chlorine for water treatment. Chlorine will make your hair brittle given that colouring already has made it vulnerable. You are lucky if you have a home pool or live near the coast since you can adjust easily. Otherwise, you have to protect your hair when going out swimming always.


During Re-touch, avoid Overwrapping your Lightener


This is the biggest mistake you could ever make with your balayage. It not only makes your hair look lifeless but also reduces all the natural aspects of the same. Breakages will become more often than usual and to some, the hair never recovers unless you shave and start over. If you are not sure of how you should go about re-touching a balayage, seek professional assistance.


Go for Ten or 12 Weeks Before a Re-touch



Balayage does not need as much maintenance as highlights, which makes it easy to go for long without requiring a re-touch. Using keratin treatment will help maintain a smooth and shiny look in the meantime. This also protects your hair from damage caused by hair colour and keeps your edges healthy.





As you look to have an elegant experience with balayage, make sure you choose a recommended balayage package with fewer effects on your natural hair. Whenever you notice that your hair is getting weak, take a break to let your hair heal for some time. The above tips will help you keep your hair shiny and colourful in a healthy way.


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