How You Know You are a Grey’s Anatomy Super-Fan

How You Know You are a Grey’s Anatomy Super-Fan

“Grey’s Anatomy” is empowered with everything from drama to comedy. It’s filled with endearing characters who have flaws that only serve to make them more interesting and well, human. The program features realistic plot lines and simple dialogue. In other words, there’s no medical mumbo-jumbo that core fans would not understand anyway. In general, it is a pleasurable, entertaining, poignant show.

An Evening Soap
Fans find themselves emotionally entangled with the cast, and filled with suspense until the next episode. It’s an “evening soap opera” so to speak, without the glitz and consistent exaggerated drama. Some have even compared the show to the successful series “Friends,” with a medical twist. Other fans refer to it as an ensemble drama with elements of black humor and comedy.

Grey’s Anatomy” surely knows how to captivate viewers and keep them mesmerized for the entire hour.

Growing Fan Base
The explosion of “Grey’s Anatomy” on the airwaves has resulted in a faithful following. Some even call themselves “super-fans,” of the drama at fictional Seattle Grace Hospital, now called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. These fans are up-to-the-minute about every episode and emotionally attached to each character. In fact, because of their frenzy, some super-fans have turned to their “psychic powers” to predict future episodes from beginning to end.

So, how do you know if you are a “Super-Fan” of this popular show? Here’s how to tell.

Do You Know the Cast of Grey’s Anatomy?
Many of you are geniuses when it comes to the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but how much do you know about the careers of the actors actually
wearing the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs?

Do You Know the Interns?
The “Grey’s Anatomy” interns showed more independence during the first half of Season 9. How well do you know the new members of the show?

Perfect Storm
Do you remember everything about Grey’s Anatomy’s “Perfect Storm” episode?

Are You Prepared for Season 10?
Ten years of Grey’s is quickly upon us. Do you know everything you will need to know prior to the premier starting late September?

Do You Know MerDer?
You can’t forget when the two met, it was MerDer. Many things occurred to one of the favorite couples on the series during “Season 7.” How much do you remember about what happened between Dr. Grey and Dr. Shepherd?

Grey Light Savings
As we gradually steam ahead to Daylight Savings Time, can you “fall-back” to remember some of the changing stories of your favorite Seattle Grace Mercy West docs?

The Mother of Them All
There has been a mountain of intriguing storylines during Season 8, with most of them centered around Grey’s matriarchs. How much do you remember about what took place with the moms of Grey’s Anatomy this season?

Relationships of Grey’s Anatomy
We’ve heard the adage “love is a battlefield,” which makes the doctors at Seattle Grace, soon to be known as Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, look like “special forces!” At some point in the series, every doctor has had an affair with another staff member. Do you remember the “see-saw” the couples experienced in the series?

According to the “You’re A Grey’s Fan” Tumblr site, you know it when:

  • You spell gray with an “e”

  • You don’t know what to do with your life after the season finale.

  • You see the actors from the series and the first thing you think about are their “Grey’s” role

  • You cried the entire night because Mark and Lexie had to die.

  • You know all the lyrics to the song Derek wrote for Addison.

  • You are afraid of people named Gary.

  • When you go to the doctor or hospital and everything reminds you of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

  • You switched your college major to be a surgeon.

  • You started picturing how Shonda would write in Jessica’s pregnancy the moment she announced it.

  • You hear a song from an episode and you immediately think “OMG that’s from Grey’s Anatomy!”

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