Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Casinos

Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Casinos

Every casino is a story on its own with some casinos opting for the class such as the James Bond’s Casino de Monte Carlo and other such as some in Las Vegas Strip opt for extravagance and luxury. But in their essence, they are all highly dynamical places where the stakes are high and people can lose or win it all (just like at 22Bet the online casino you can trust). There are numerous amazing casino stories and facts and let’s go over some interesting ones.

The Number One

During the 1600s, Venice’s streets were full of people playing games based on luck and the Grand Council of Venice understood that it isn’t possible to put a stop to it and so they created the Ridotto, the first casino ever which opened in 1638. The name means private room and the casino has worked until 1774 but its tradition survived and Casinò di Venezia is now situated at the same places.

Where Are the Clocks

A lot of things in casinos are oriented towards the player staying there more and losing track of time and their actions. This is why a lot of casinos offer free drinks and also the reason why a lot of casinos don’t have clocks.

The Biggest Market

Most people believe that Las Vegas is the prime place for gambling but Macau took the number one. Macau is a standalone city which is a part of China and the only place in China where gambling is legalized. Macau currently has 33 casinos and their annual revenues in 2019 were more than $36 billion and are still projected to grow. In comparison, the Las Vegas Strip has around $6.6 billion of revenue.

The Largest Casino

Macau also has the largest casino in the world, The Venetian Macao. It is also the 7th biggest building in the world by floor area with 10.5 million square feet.

Monégasques Are Prohibited from Gambling in Monaco

Monaco is a micro-country that is known for its Casino de Monte-Carlo and Formula One Grand Prix. It is a place where the richest and most famous people live. The citizens of Monaco are prohibited from gambling in the country’s casinos and they are not even allowed to enter the casino rooms because the casino has been developed to earn money from foreign people and not their own citizens.

These are just some interesting facts about casinos and there are many more. Share your most interesting fact or story with us in the comments section.

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